Saturday, December 24, 2022

Week 53 Photo Challenge: Something from a Thrift Shop

Merry Christmas Eve!  It's been a wild week and for many will be an even wilder weekend.  Not just with the holiday, but due to the weather.  We'll not quite reach the freezing point today temperature wise.  The low was 0 F here on Thursday with impressively high winds.  There was some snow, but nothing like it snowed up north.  I'm hoping everyone is tucked up in a safe, dry and warm spot for the holiday.  Grad Girl got here Wednesday, so just missed the winter storm.  I know there are many that will have to modify or completely miss their holiday plans, hopefully your family isn't one of those.  

Since My Guy is finishing up his holiday baking this morning, I have time to put together this week's photo challenge post. The subject for this week was:

My Guy and I didn't have anything we could identify as having a thrift shop in it's provenance.  So we made an expedition to the local Goodwill shop to see what we could come up with that was photo worthy.  It was an interesting trip and we both come home with objects to play with.  

Both My Guy and I came home very different items, but the window dressing follows a very similar theme.  

Kate: A Bit of Sparkle and Gold

The bowl with the gold dots was my thrift shop find (only $0.99).  The sparkle is courtesy of Hobby Lobby's 70% off Christmas sale.  The combination makes a nice bit of holiday décor.  

My Guy went in a similar direction with his thrift find.  

My Guy: Deconstructed Christmas Tree

His thrift find was this $2 pitcher which with a bit of holiday decoration becomes a very nice center piece for the dining room table.  

Grad Girl went in a completely different direction.  As poor college students, she and her undergraduate roommate regularly explored the thrift shops as ways to update their closets.  

Grad Girl: Something Old, Something New

During a trip to Dallas she found this really cute vintage silk shirt, but it had missing buttons. A trip to Hobby Lobby and a quick lesson on attaching buttons provided Grad Girl had a new addition to her wardrobe. 

That's the photos from last week. Grad Girl picked the new photo card for this week. 

Our Christmas celebration will be this evening. Both My Guy and Grad Girl have been baking bread and desserts for our big meal, so there will be lots of yummy desserts to photograph. We just have to remember to get photos before they get eaten!

Have a very Merry Christmas.  The stitching stuff post should go up in the morning according to normal schedule. It will stay open till next Thursday. So if you are too busy to post tomorrow, you can come back and post later in the week once your holiday fun hang over is better.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm so impressed with what you and your guy came up with from the thrift shop, Kate! You turned those glass dishes into such pretty decorations. When I was teaching, some of my best-dressed colleagues shopped exclusively at the thrift shops, so I think Grad Girl and her friends are on to something! Merry Christmas!

Barbara said...

Great photos, as always. Dessert is certainly something I can get behind.

Jennifer said...

Neat photos as always!