Sunday, December 11, 2022

Stitching Stuff: Week 48 of 2022


The weeks are quickly ticking down to Christmas and very quickly after that will be the end of the year.  I'm ready for a new year, 2022 hasn't been much fun for me. I'm hoping that 2023 is much better.  I'm not ready for Christmas.  It's been a struggle to get into the holiday spirit.  Maybe because this year Grad Girl is too far away for us to meet up for holiday shopping and she wasn't home to help me put up the tree.  The year has certainly been one of change for us on a number of fronts, so maybe we should expect the holiday to be a little uncomfortable as we adjust to the new normal. 

It wasn't a bad week on the stitching front. 

  • 15 minute days/week = 5/7 days
  • 15 minute days/Dec = 7/10 days
  • 15 minute days/2022 = 189/344 days
  • Success rate = 54.94%

My Guy took Friday off so we could go Christmas shopping in Tulsa. We didn't get home till late and then yesterday we had lots of errands to run, so I didn't get any stitching time in those two days. I'm hoping for a solid afternoon of stitching today to make up for the last two days. I'm really behind on the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I've not made any of the parts in clue 3 or 4.  

How are you doing on balancing holiday prep with finding time to stitch?  

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Julie in GA said...

I'm having a hard time getting ready for Christmas too. We were out of town for a week, and that has put everything behind, both decorating and shopping. It's time for me to get serious about holiday prep!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you are going through a big adjustment in your life right now - it takes awhile to figure it out - and with your daughter further away at school and loosing your job the same year it can take a lot out of you. You will work it out it is just hitting you all at once. Just take it a day at a time and you will adjust and find a place for the new you

Linda said...

Adjustment is hard and rarely welcomed in our lives. Wish I was shopping in Tulsa - lol - I miss my old stomping grounds, especially this time of year.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I've found that having adult children means continually adjusting the traditions and finding new ones that are just as fun. You'll get there! Wishing you some stitching time today, Kate!

Michelle said...

Life often gets in the way of our quilting goals, doesn’t it? But that’s okay. I’ve been pushing to get two quilts finished for my grands. Made it! I’ll be wrapping them today, and putting them in the mail tomorrow.

Sara said...

I definitely miss those days gone by when my girls and I could get together for a special lunch and Christmas shopping. It was really fun. Last year the 3 of us got together to make lefse before Christmas. That was a fun day. This year we haven't done any of that as everyone's schedules are just too busy. The grandkids have too much going on. We might do the lefse making before Easter instead.

Quilter Kathy said...

No part 4 yet, so you're not as behind as you think!
I'm sorry to hear that this year was such a tough one... for sure 2023 will be better filled with lots of joy and stitching!
Hope you have a bit of time for relaxing and stitching today.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Kate, I understand how you're not in the Christmas spirit yet. Those are a lot of changes in your life. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it once it comes. I haven't done much to get ready except a little bit of shopping and if my daughter hadn't helped me, nothing would be done! It takes a while to get used to change, be it good or not so good! Best of luck and hopefully we'll be in the spirit soon :-)

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that this year continues to be a tough one for you - I can understand working through all the life change weighs on you and doesn't quite get you in the holiday spirit. I realized this morning that Christmas is only two weeks away, so I need to get going on gift purchases - I have lots of ideas in my head, just need to get them ordered and/or get out to the stores to pick them up, but staying at home quilting or stitching on a cool winter day always seems more fun! Hope that grad girl will be home soon and bring some of the holiday cheer into your house!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

I am so sorry this has been a rough year especially when there have been so many changes, but brighter days are ahead. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

seabreezequilts said...

There have been lots of changes for you, hopefully next year is much better. Lots of my friends have had bad year this year so it seems to be going around. I'm just really tired and ready for a break but even one day of holidays has been great to get my energy up.

Carol Andrews said...

Kate I can so agree with you. I’m looking forward to this year being done. I’m just finished with it and with my kids, grands and great grands so far away the spirit is lacking. Just think that next year can only get better, right? 😉