Saturday, November 12, 2022

Week 48 Photo Challenge: Clean vs. Dirty

The cold air finally made it's appearance and I'm already ready for it to go away. We turned the heat on for the first time last night.  It is almost mid-November, so I shouldn't complain, but it's hard not to.  We've had such beautiful weather that the cold was really a shock. 

We pulled a new photo card last week, the first new card since June.  It wasn't the easiest subject for me. 

I've been deep cleaning the house the last couple of weeks, so you would think I'd have ample photo opportunities for clean versus dirty.  I've been working in what we call the library because one wall of the room is covered with book cases.  I handled each book in those book cases and as I hit the biology section was struck by how some people think of some aspects of biology as maybe not dirty, but as something to not speak of.  So here's my interpretation of dirty versus clean.  

Kate: Dirty versus Clean? 

I'm pretty sure the book on the top was a wedding shower gift. Why do we have a copy of Gray's Anatomy?  No idea.  

My Guy went with the more classical interpretation.

My Guy: A Clean Scrape

Another cookbook worthy photo. He pretty much uses the whole center island when he makes bread.  

Grad Girl was happy to see the return of the photo challenge. She focused on a traditional struggle on the keeping clean front. 

Grad Girl: Never Ending Struggle between Dirty and Clean

It seems there is always something that can go in the wash.  I'm pretty sure this is 2 weeks of laundry.  She's had back to back exams the last couple of weeks, so I'm sure laundry was not on the to do list till recently.  

My Guy pulled the photo card for this week. He feels he's at a disadvantage this week.  

Grad Girl and I agree, he probably is.  


Barbara said...

Great interpretations. It’s always fun to see what each of you comes up with.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

We got suddenly cold yesterday, too - brrr! Your book comparison is hilarious! The pile up of dirty laundry is always amazing to me, even if there are just two of us. A dirty counter top means your guy has been making bread, definitely worth the mess! Fun photos!

Sara said...

I love your photo challenge and am glad to see it return too. Such a fun family project. I need your husband to come bake bread at my house. Yum!!

MissPat said...

Well, I hope if Your Guy borrow your scissors for his photo op, he's knows enough not to use them to cut paper or cardboard or insulation, etc.

dq said...

I need to do my photo challenge cards again. I had forgotten about them. You got me into them.

Linda said...

I love your photo challenges! I have to say I like your husband's best - it's clever - but I love yours and Grad Girl's interpretations. You guys sound like so much fun.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha, love your interpretation! My dad has a well used copy of Grey’s Anatomy, he loves to look through it, especially after a doctor visit.