Saturday, November 19, 2022

Week 49 Photo Challenge: Scissors

 We had snow flurries Thursday night. It didn't amount to anything, nothing like the the 6 feet of snow that parts of New York got earlier this week. It's just cold and miserable here.  Thankfully this week's photo challenge covered something that's easy to find inside. 

I use scissors pretty much every day I'm in the sewing room.  So finding the subject matter wasn't a problem, how to photograph them in use was a bit of a dilemma, not enough hands. 

Kate: Thread Cutting

In the end I went for an action shot of my embroidery scissors.  

My Guy felt at a disadvantage this week, he doesn't routinely use scissors.  

My Guy: Shear Herbal

He's cutting oregano for a mushroom Dutch baby that was last Sunday's dinner (yes it was very tasty). I was going to say he finds all type of inspiration in the kitchen, but I often find my inspiration in my sewing room. That's just where we spend the most time when we aren't working.  

Friday evening I had to text Grad Girl to see if she had a photo for this week. She'd forgotten and said she'd get me a photo this morning. She delivered.  I expected an embroidery shot, but she went a different route. 

Grad Girl: Odd One Out

She went with a still life.  I really like all the colors in her shot. 

I've already starting considering options for this week's challenge.   

It may or may not be a challenge. 

Have a great weekend. Stay warm if you are in the northern hemisphere, wishing you temperate conditions if you are in the southern hemisphere.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Each of those photos definitely shows where you the three of you spend your time! Love Grad Girl's rainbow of pens - so appealing!

Barbara said...

Fun photos as usual. I liked the colors in Grad Girls photo too.

Linda said...

I love your photo challenges, and each of you really delivers such interesting shots and titles.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I think it is great that you are still doing this challenge. I love your daughter's shot, because it looks like my cup - lots of colorful pens and a pair of scissors.

Jennifer said...

Fun pictures!