Saturday, May 28, 2022

Photo Challenge: Weeks 43 and 44

I had planned to post week 43 last Saturday, but not all of us had our photos by the end of the day. So this week we'll recap both week 43 and week 44 challenges.  

Week 43 seemed easy enough.


The Scientist in Training and I had a fun shopping day the weekend after graduation. It's one of our "things" after school is out for the summer.  Another part of that tradition is lunch at the Cheesecake Factory where dessert is just a given.  

Kate: Dessert is Art

Any dessert is art in my book, but the restaurant does do a nice job showcasing those decadent goodies.  

My Guy went artsy with his latest baking endeavor.  

My Guy: Manoushe

It does look good enough to eat.  

The SIT decided to go the liquid route. 

Scientist in Training: Organic Chemistry in a Glass 

Those are pineapple ice cubes in one of her novelty chemistry beer glasses.  

The challenge for week 44 was to come up with interesting photos. 

My solution was to go with a close up. 

Kate: What's in My Wallet

Not the most original shot, but I like it.  I tend to just stuff dollars in my wallet and don't take car to keep them all neat.

My Guy went the novelty approach.    

My Guy: Thanks a Million

On the other side is a thank you note for taking pictures during a work event.  We don't have a company photographer, so My Guy often gets asked to cover local events.  Some of his photos have ended up in company publications. It's always fun to open a report and realize that's your photo on the page.

The Scientist in Training went practical with her photo. 


We made a trip to College Station, TX this week so she could apartment hunt.  You can't drive in Oklahoma without hitting a toll road or two.  

That's the photos for the last two weeks.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite out of this bunch.  Do you have one?  

So what's this week's challenge? 

Both the SIT and I had to Google what this was.  Should be an interesting week!  


Barbara said...

I know "bokeh," but it's hard to do. I'm going to love seeing what y'all come up with. Your photos this week are great. The money ones reminded me of something...and I'm not quite sure I can remember it correctly...but I was trying to take a picture of money, or maybe I was trying to post the picture online, and I wasn't able to. Apparently there are limits on what you can do with regard to photographing currency. Wish I could remember the full story, but your pictures reminded me.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Always love seeing your photo challenges, Kate! I imagine some of them are very challenging. I love your arty dessert photo, because it looks so yummy! But, really, they're all fun to see.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Kate, I love your all of your photos. It's always a treat to see them, even if I don't comment. Of course the foods ones are my favourite cause other than playing with fabric, that's my next favourite things to make or photograph it, but eat it :-)

Linda said...

I think this might be the first post I've read about your photo challenges, and it's such a fun read! So your family joins in? Of course my most pressing question is what kind of cheesecake did you get? ;) Bokeh was big back when I first started blogging, and I have a bunch of old blog photos with my attempt at it. They are laughable now.

Jennifer said...

Always fun to see your pictures! I like the pineapple ice cubes.