Saturday, May 14, 2022

Photo Challenge: Weeks 41 and 42

It's been 5 weeks since I last posted on our family photo challenge.  Life has been insanely busy.  I've spent the last six weeks working on the never ending audit. I thought I was done 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately not.  So the last 6 weeks have meant incredibly long work days without a lot of time off on weekends.  As the final deadlines loomed, it got even more insane. I now really understand how accountants feel at tax time.  And like taxes, I'll get to do this audit again next year. Can you feel the joy?  Not!

Enough on the explanation for my prolonged absence from the photo challenge. Week 41 was a bit of a challenge for all of us.  

This was the challenge for the second week in April. I was already pretty deep into the audit stuff and just didn't have the creative capacity to really see with my camera. So I wimped out a bit and made my inanimate face. 

Kate: Fabric Face

I had lots of fun playing with the bits and pieces of the Macaron Mystery block pieces to capture my face for the week. 

My Guy always has this way of seeing things I don't. He did a really good job with this challenge. 

My Guy: Face of a Yeti

Can you figure out what this is?  Maybe the photo caption gives you a clue?  

The Scientist in Training had exams this week if I remember and she didn't get her photo till pretty late that week. 

Scientist In Training: The Faces of Automobiles

She, like me, was just trying to get by as her schedule was pretty packed.  

Week 42 was relatively easy, but both the SIT and I were really distracted with other things that week as well.  But the subject matter wasn't all that difficult to find, just maybe hard to get an interesting shot. 

My photo was an easy subject, I just had to work out the angles to hide all chaos that not having time to clean house caused.

Kate: The Bedroom Mirror

My Guy went with the optical illusion angle. 

I'm not sure where the SIT was when she took this shot. 

Scientist in Training: Mirrored Street

I assume it's Stillwater, but maybe not.  She was getting ready for an undergraduate poster session and a presentation to the Electrochemical Society, so she was doing the best she could with the time she had.  

With me working on the never ending audit and the SIT getting ready for finals and graduation, we didn't pull a card for a couple of weeks.  Last night we decided that life had calmed down enough so that we could get back in the groove of weekly photo shoots. 

I hope you'll come back next week to see what we come up with for this challenge.  


Sara said...

I’m glad you’ve all taken a little time for some fun photography as a break from stressful work. I especially like those faces photos.

Emily said...

I'm sorry it's been such a crazy time for you at work! I hope things have settled down now and you have a year before you have to do your audit again! I'm excited to see what you three do with the food prompt!

Barbara said...

I love all of them! It was fun seeing your quilt on the bed too.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I enjoyed seeing more intimate portraits of your life. The fabric face is fabulous. The quilt on your bed and seeing your guy.

Jennifer said...

Fun set of pictures - I like yours the best both weeks, might be the quilts!