Saturday, March 26, 2022

Photo Challenge: Week 38 - Letters

I was glad to see the end of Friday. The week back to work after vacation is always a long week. On top of that the weather was cold and wet.  So I'm glad to make it to Saturday.  

It wasn't hard to find subject matter for this week's photo.  It was harder to think of what would make a good photo.  

There are at least two interpretations for the word.  Both My Guy and I aren't thrilled with our photos. The Scientist in Training came back strong after not getting a shot for last week's challenge.  

I dug around in my limited supply of scrap booking supplies to find my subject matter for this week's shot. 

Kate: Springy Letters

I think the pink letters were used for soccer team photos for the SIT, or maybe it was a craft activity for the SIT's birthday?  I have a matching set of letters in blue with the exact same letters missing. The mists of time have definitely obscured that particular memory. 

It was My Guy's turn to try the arty approach this week.

My Guy: Double Vision

I think he nailed it this week. He obviously dug into his supply of his physics demonstration materials to get this photo.  

The SIT does a great job finding fun photos around campus.  This week is no different.  

Scientist in Training: The Chemical Alphabet

I really like the SIT's interpretation of this week's challenge.  Do you remember what chemical substances Sn, Sb and Pb stand for?  Do you remember which two letter combos represents silver and which one represents gold?  Do I? Yes, but my day job to deals with this stuff.  

The challenge for this week will be harder for me and My Guy, the SIT will have an easier time of it.  

I'm very allergic to animal dander, so we've never kept a pet.  We'll have to borrow one for this week.  


Sara said...

So the SIT is following in the science footsteps of her parents. How interesting! I think your husband was very creative this week with his interpretation of the challenge. Good job for all of you! Pets - hmmmm - maybe you have neighbors walking dogs?

Barbara said...

Hm…Tin, Antimony, and Lead. Chemical symbols are the only thing I remember from chemistry. Great photos.

Rebecca said...

Love the photo challanges...

Do you remember the "pet" rock?
Or was that before your time.

Look forward to your posts.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The display that your SIT photographed is a neat one! I took exactly one chemistry class in college and remember some lines of the periodic table from the way our teacher taught it. LiBeBCNOFNe! LOL! We learned to read it as a word. Your embroidered letters will be a family mystery!

Quilter Kathy said...

...or you could pet your fabric stash?!?!

Emily said...

Love SIT's photo! I don't know the three you asked about, but I do know silver and gold. Chemistry was not my subject but my college roommate and her boyfriend (now husband) were both chemistry majors. They have always named their cats after elements on the periodic table, so they could even combine this week and next week's challenges! :)

Jennifer said...

Great photos as always! I do not remember those elements - my science days are far behind me!