Saturday, November 27, 2021

Photo Challenge Weeks 21 and 22: Water and Air

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  No post last week due to My Guy's travels and the wedding.  So this week is catch up.  

Week 21:

Week 21 didn't go very well for me.  I ended up working 12 hour days pretty much the whole week, so I tried to do something interesting with what I had at home.

Kate: Drinking Water

My water bottle got a lot of use that week, so the ice didn't have a chance to melt before I refilled it.  

My Guy was 1200 miles away in Arizona working with the George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center releasing endangered Masked Bob White Quail and doing a bit of habitat remediation to support the new population.  

My Guy: Like Water in the Desert

 He's was up and around early, so was able to capture a beautiful desert sunrise.  

The Scientist in Training was working on homework and getting her graduate school applications ready (applying to grad school is a lot more involved then it used to be).  But she took a walk to clear her head and enjoy one of the nicer days that week. 

Scientist in Training: Fall Ripples

She wandered over to Theta Pond on the southwest corner of campus and captured a bit of the fall colors.  

Week 22: 

The SIT drew this card for last week's challenge. Even though all of us were off work and out of school, we all struggled to find the time and creativity to get photos for last week. But we all found something to submit for the challenge.  

It's tradition that we take a long walk after Thanksgiving dinner.  I took several photos during that expedition, this is the one My Guy liked the best. 

Kate: Hanging by a Thread

Hard to believe we are now in the countdown to Christmas. I'm really not ready.  

My Guy headed out for a long walk yesterday and captured "shot" these guys. 

My Guy: Incoming

The Scientist in Training struggled a bit with this week's challenge and decided on a slightly different interpretation of the prompt.  

Scientist in Training: Air in the Middle

Her meringue has air in the middle, though that peak reaches into mid air, so she's got it covered I think.  This went on the chocolate pie she made for Thanksgiving (yes it was very yummy).  

Some hits and misses for all of us the last couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll all find something fun for this week's challenge. 

The SIT pointed out we've done water, air and now fire.  Will earth be next? 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I think the three of you always find something interesting and creative for your weekly photos! Seems like it's a great diversion in the midst of busy lives. Your photos also show how there are so many ways to look at simple things like water or air.

Barbara said...

It’s really fun seeing how you all interpret the theme. I have to say my favorite is the SIT’s meringue. But then…meringue. What’s not to love?

Shasta Matova said...

That is quite a run of elements. It is fun to see how all of you interpret each theme.

Sara said...

Each of you come up with unique and interesting interpretations of the themes every week. The desert water scene was really pretty.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

beautiful shots!
and wow for the husband releasing masked Bob whites!! TOo cool!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm particularly fond of the SIT's Fall Ripples, but all of the photos are interesting takes on each week's theme, Kate!

Jennifer said...

That desert sunrise is so beautiful and love the SITs interpretation of Thin air. So fun to see all of your creativity!