Saturday, November 13, 2021

Photo Challenge Week 20: By the Light of My Computer

What a week!  The Scientist in Training had 2 exams, while My Guy and I ended up working late three nights this week.  All of us were so busy that the deadline for this week's photo was extended to bedtime Friday as taking photos just didn't fit into this week's schedule.  Thankfully this week's challenge was best done in the dark.

I wasn't finding any inspiration. Having been on the computer most of the week at work, my eyes were already tired, so I did the natural thing while contemplating what to try next. 

Kate: Tired Eyes

I will admit to moving them around a bit here and there, but this was as creative as I was going to get after a week of  writing, editing, and discussing performance reivews.  

My Guy spent his week in training a new employee (at my request) and dealing with other lab work before he takes off to do some volunteer work next week.  He definitely deserved to come home and relax last night. 

My Guy: By the Computer's Light

I guess his eyes weren't as tired as mine were.  

The SIT's had quite the week with 2 exams and a quiz.  By Friday all the studying and stress had caught up with her.  She woke up with a migraine but still got up and got going only to find out class had been canceled.  This is what she sent me after she got back to her apartment. 

Scientist in Training: Sick Day


A darkened room, Netflix and a snack before taking a 3 hour nap that helped knock back, but not relieve the headache.  Not a bad end to what turned out to be just one of those weeks for all of us.

Just before heading to bed, My Guy drew the challenge card for this week. 


As the SIT noted in her text back to me, "I think I can figure something out".  Probably, I'm hoping this next week is nothing like last week for any of us.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice challenges!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your photographs of the week capture perfectly what kind of a week it was for each of you, Kate! I hope you have a weekend away from work with some time to relax!

Sara said...

You all deserve some time off!! I love that tired eyes photo. Fits me perfectly for many years of my "previous" life.


Rough busy week or not--all three of you did get photos--am glad you are all doing this challenge as a family and then sharing them with us--we love you all for doing it!
luv, di

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sorry to hear that all had a tough week, Kate! Even so, each of you managed to capture interesting images. Well done!