Monday, May 3, 2021

The Quilty Year so Far

The end of April means we are one third of the way through 2021.  That's a bit sobering as there's only been one finish  coming out of my sewing room so far this year.  I've been focusing on just a few projects at a time in hopes of moving more to the finished column, but it's been slow going. I've been playing along with Quilting Gail's 2021 PHD  program to help with the motivation. 

My PHD report for the end of April doesn't show much in the way of progress for the last month. 

The only change is an addition to the in progress list highlighted in blue.  There haven't been any new starts this year so far, so at least my PHD list isn't getting any longer. No new finishes this month, but I can celebrate the progress that's been made this month.  

Grassy Creek is back from the quilter. 

This should be a finish by the end of May as all it needs is the label and binding.  

The Morewood Mystery is assembled. 

The first border has been added, along with two strips for border number two.  There's two more borders to add.  The goal is to have Morewood to be a finished quilt top by the end of May.  

Unity, the current leader and enders project, is moving along very slowly. 

Just three new border blocks have been finished.  I'm still undecided if Unity should move up in priority once Morewood is finished or if it should remain the leaders and enders project.   

Cabins and Fans has been added to the "in progress list".  

These blocks are my 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Project.  After a bit of  quilt math to get the sashing strips and the setting triangles right, these blocks are going together pretty quickly.  It's been nice to have a new project in the mix. 

April wasn't one of my better months for stitching time.  May isn't looking good either on that front.  But as long as I can see progress, it's all good.  

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Julie in GA said...

You are so close to another finish with Grassy Creek, and it will be very exciting to see that completed! Sometimes it's hard to keep plugging away at the same projects, but it will be so satisfying when they are done!

Sara said...

A friend reminded me to "enjoy the process" last week, and she's right. Every little forward progress seems to please our soul. These are all going to be stunning quilts.

Bonnie said...

Looking at your in progress projects made something stick out to me. Several are Bonnie Hunter quilts that are very labor intense. Steady progress will get the project finished. What I am tremendously impressed with is you haven’t started any new projects this year. To me that is an incredible achievement. If you continue that until, say the next Meadow Mist mystery, you will have made impressive inroads in your ufo's. Hope this little change of perspective helps.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You have been working on so many pretty projects. You are moving forward with each stitch. You have inspired me to make progress on my larger quilts. Have a great day

DawnyK said...

Oh, you've made such good progress on so many quilts. I have started and finished a number of things, but nothing off of the UFO list so you are doing better than others ;-)
Love the progress photos! It's so exciting to see your lovelies progressing.

chrisknits said...

Wonderful progress!!!

AnnieO said...

Great progress shots! Man, I’d love to have a design wall like that. Best wishes for many good sewing sessions for you! How long before you can

Jennifer said...

Holy cow, how are we more than 1/3 of the way through this year??? It sure is flying, but I guess they all do! Nice to see your progress shots - moving along, even if not at the speed you hoped, is still great!