Tuesday, September 22, 2020

To Do Tuesday for 09/22/2020

 The weeks continue to just fly by.  It will be October in just over a week.  Definitely time to get moving on any stitching goals that are still hanging out there. I've never been much of a list maker, other than the grocery list.  But there's a good deal of research that shows making a good list can really help with productivity. The weekly list seems to be helping me on that front. All of last week's to do's are all checked off.    

Weekly To Do List for 09/15/2020

  • Red, White & Blue Stars: Find red/white sashing fabric/wash
  • Morewood Mystery:  Continue to sew Clue 3 blocks
  • Unity: Continue to make HSTs and blocks for Step 4
  • 2019 Christmas Mystery: Prep top for quilting

I'm learning to be more realistic about what goes on the to do list. More than anything, that's the reason all the items on the lists for the last three weeks have been full of check marks.  Let's see if I can make it four weeks with a completed To Do List. 

Weekly To Do List for 09/22/2020

2019 Christmas Mystery Quilt: Package and ship out for quilting

The hardest step is done, finding a box that fits.  Actually all that's left is to write the deposit check, seal up the box, write and attach the address label.  The next hardest step is finding time to stop by the post office to get it shipped.  My meeting schedule has to be open enough to let me leave the site for lunch. This week isn't too bad on that front, so it shouldn't be too hard. Plus I'm taking Friday off this week, so I should have time then if not before. 

Morewood Mystery: Finish clue 3 HSTs

All that is left of step 3 is to finish stitching, cutting and trimming these 6 and mark then stitch 4 more of the violet/white square pairs.  That should be fairly easy to accomplish this week.  Clue 4 comes out next Thursday. It would be nice to have this one done before then. 

Red, White & Blue Stars: Decide on the sashing fabric

Last week's to do was to find the sashing fabric purchased for this project.  That's done, but then I decided maybe it wasn't the right print.  A quick trip to the LQS yielded three other options for a total of four.  That was slimmed down to three, but I'm not thrilled by any of them. So there was really no other option than to order one more.  That should be here Thursday.  Fingers crossed that the last one fits the vision, I'd really like to get this quilt off the UFO list this year.  

Unity:  Continue to stitch HSTs and blocks for step 4 

The goal here is to just keep this project moving.  I'd really like to have a finished quilt top by the end of the year. To do that, I'd have to stop before I reach the last clue. The goal at this point is to get to clue 7 and assess if I think it's done at that point.  

That's my list for this week.  You can find more weekly To Do's over at Home Sewn by Us on the To Do Tuesday linky party.  


Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, Kate! Gosh your red/white/blue stars look so spiffy. I think all three of those sashing choices look great but then I don't know your vision. I can't wait to see how Apple Pie looks. Great job on all the items on your list this week! I think you've learned the art of giving yourself smaller, easier goals. Those HSTs for Unity look so pretty - it makes me want to grab my Bloc-Loc and press them open and trim. I love trimming HSTs! Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I used to be really good about list making and crossing things off my list and then the older I got the more I seemed to toss my list and say forget about it.

Barbara said...

You didn’t really ask for opinions, but I can’t resist weighing in. Of the three you’ve shown there, I like the top one best. It’s always hard to tell from a picture though. Obviously, in person is the best way to decide. I like your decision-making process with Unity. I’ve done that before too. Sometimes I decide a quilt is finished just because I’m tired of working on it.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love it - the only solution was to order one more!! great minds!!! I really do like that second choice on your rwb quilt tho - the checks?

can't wait to see what else you bought!!

grammajudyb said...

Kudos for checking things off! It’s a great feeling!
I don’t know where you live or how much it usually costs to ship off your quilt tops, but I’ve recently started using Click to Ship, I can print a label and the mail person picks it up from my front porch! I like that convenience!

chrisknits said...

Looks like you are kicking it on the list checking! I would do better if I just stopped adding to my list as the week goes along. LOL!

piecefulwendy said...

You've had a good week! Your Morewood fabric is pretty; will be fun to see that quilt take shape. I agree that a good list makes for good productivity. I haven't gotten a TDT post written today, since I had a Hop post due. Plus, I didn't get much but the Hop post done on my to do list! Hmm. I have no idea what I was doing this last week!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

From following your blog the last few years, I know that you have great skills when it comes to putting fabrics together, so I'm guessing your choice for the sashing on the R, W, and B stars is going to be the perfect one! Great progress this week - and I agree, the list has to be manageable!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Some weeks I feel like putting lots on the to-do list for motivation but I am learning to be more realistic as well. Motivation...or pressure? I ask myself! Hope your ordered fabric works out--looks like it will!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a good list - I also struggle to get things packed up and mailed! Need to put that one one of my lists!

Julie in GA said...

You've been doing so well at keeping your to-do lists manageable, which means you are much more likely to be successful. I tend to get overly ambitious with mine. Can't wait to see what you decide for your RWB star sashing!