Tuesday, July 28, 2020

To Do Tuesday (07/28/20)

It's been challenging getting back into some type of schedule since our stay at home days.  I'm slowly getting back on track with my stitching time in the evenings and making progress on getting into some type of fitness program. The weekly To Do List linky party over at Home Sewn By Us is helping me stay focused on my stitchy goals. Maybe a Weekly Fitness To Do would help on the fitness front or a 15 Minutes to Sweat weekly linky?  Hmm, maybe not. For now, I'll just stick with reviewing last week's stitchy To Do List.  

Weekly To Do List for 07/20/2020
Frolic: Finish flying geese for border
Unity: Step 3, make more Sawtooth Stars 
Christmas Mystery: Add borders - progress
Storm At Sea: Press, Trim, Prep for quilting - no progress
Not a bad week, but not a perfect week.  Prepping backings and quilts for quilting is my least favorite quilting activity so I ignored the SAS backing all week. I really need to make that my number one priority for next weekend or that project will never get done.  

Weekly To Do List for 07/28/2020

Storm at Sea:  Prep backing for quilting

Frolic:  Finish assembling flying geese for borders

All the HSTs have been sewn into flying geese. I've started sewing the red violet flying geese together into strips.

2019 Christmas Mystery Quilt: Add borders

The quilt was measured, strips cut, but I didn't get them sewn together.  It won't take long to move this project to finished flimsy.  

Unity: Step 3, make more Sawtooth Stars

Those sawtooth stars take lots of flying geese.  I'm more than halfway finished with this step.  I doubt I finish Step 3 this week, but maybe next week.  I'm really ready to move into a new step.  

I realized on Sunday that my cone of thread is getting a bit bare.  

I don't keep up with my thread changes, but it certainly seems like this one went faster than the last one. I ordered another cone the last time thread was on sale, so I've got a replacement. But having one empty means there's been a lot of stitching going on this year.  

Linking up with Tuesday To Do over at Home Sewn by Us.  


Julie in GA said...

It was very hard for me to find time to exercise when I was working, but important to fit it in when possible. Good luck with your goals this week. That poinsettia fabric is gorgeous!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

exercise is important - I wish I would have been working out a little bit with weights though over the years too and not just walking - my arms need weights my age is very much showing in my arms.
I have some thread cones but always seem to use smaller spools that fit on my machine instead of using a cone holder to the side - mine never seems to feed smoothly which is why I don't use it often

Barbara said...

I love that poinsettia fabric. Gorgeous!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Great list!
I too get frustrated with prepping backings - so my present to myself was to buy a wide backs roll.... I like that!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate! You're not going to get far with the thread left on that cone. Yay you for having a backup at the ready! That Christmas border is so gorgeous and rich-looking. I can't wait to see that quilt top all together. I don't think any of us are looking for perfection in our list-making - progress is fabulous in my boat. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I agree with Roseanne - any progress is a good thing! Making lots of flying geese for two different quilts takes time! Finding time for exercise when you've been at work all is challenging, but I know you'll figure it out.


I think some of us could use that 15 minute, extra exercise challenge-!!
and I know what you are talking about with the thread--I see that mine is disappearing rather fast too and I need to think about ordering some more-just for the sewing machine!!
(maybe fairies are taking our thread to do their own sewing!!!)
luv, di

chrisknits said...

Wow, I would say a LOT of sewing has been going on to run out of a cone!!! I should probably just buy those instead of the smaller spools, but I just like Aurifil and Gutterman, so I buy small as needed. Good luck with your progress this week!

piecefulwendy said...

Yay for finishing up a cone of thread - pretty exciting! You may not have gotten everything done on your list, but you did pretty well, I'd say!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I don't seem to get much exercising in over the summer. I just keep saying "this fall when it cools off..." I'll likely feel quilting is more fun then, too, though! Yay for emptying a spool! (That always makes me wonder how many yards I've gone through in my life!)

Preeti said...

Of course your thread tower is almost gone. You have been quilting up a storm. The sawtooth stars are so cute but I love your coffee mug. I am sure the SIT approves :-) Stay safe and sew a lot.

Emily said...

Of course you have an almost-empty cone! You've been sewing up a storm! Glad you already had a replacement waiting in the wings.