Sunday, November 25, 2018

Week 47 of 2018: Stitching and De-stashing

We haven't quite recovered from Thanksgiving yet.  We hosted dinner this year and it wasn't till late yesterday afternoon that we were settled in at home by ourselves.  It was a wonderful holiday, but my system is ready for some not quite so rich food.  I'm also ready to get back into the sewing room, I did some handwork while we were visiting, but that was the extent of my sewing time over the holiday weekend.  How did you do on finding time to stitch the last few days?

The handwork made it easy to get in some stitching time every morning, so my week looked pretty good. 

15 minutes stitching days/week = 7/7 days
15 minutes stitching days/Nov = 23/24 days
15 minutes stitching days/2018 = 308/328 days
Success rate = 93.90%

It's hard to use a lot of fabric with hand stitching, but I did manage to use a bit before the family activities kicked off. 

Fabric used this week = 0.43 yards
Fabric used in 2018 = 40.17 yards
More in than out for 2018

I did manage to avoid buying any fabric during our excursion to the local quilt shop, so it was a good week on the stash busting front. Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for the weekly stash report.   

On the stash organization front, I did do a bit of a sewing room clean up before the holiday got kicked off. 

Now all the left over bits and pieces from the Halloween and Christmas Mystery quilts have been cut down and stored with the other scraps.  There is quite a collection of strips in some of those bags, the plan for 2019 is to get some of the scraps in these bags moved into a quilt.  

For those in the US, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now, how well is your stitching time faring with all the other competing activities that are par for the course this time of year?  

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Marti said...

Congratulations! It's hard to get any stitching in when you have company in the house. I wish there was a holiday that didn't involve copious amounts of cooking and cleaning up afterward. Thanksgiving can be exhausting. lol

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I too walked out of a quilt store empty handed! YEAH!!! Sounds like you had a nice holiday....enjoy your quiet Sunday.

Donna said...

I also went to the quilt shop, but only bought gifts for my sister. I needed nothing. I didn't post that on the blog because she reads it.

chrisknits said...

We were gone 2 days for the holiday and then once back home we had 2 sporting events that took up most all day. So no sewing for 4 days!! I will try to get motivated here in a bit to at least finish quilting a wall hanging for Christmas decorating.

Libby in TN said...

I worked on binding for a Christmas gift and turned all the hand-warmers, now ready to fill and stitch closed.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hmm... Wondering what you have planned for those strips in 2019. Something fun? Maybe for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge? I'll be looking forward to seeing those scraps grow into a new quilt! said...

Thank you for 15 Minutes to Stitch.

Susan said...

It's great that even with family responsibilities and a holiday, you got to stitch!