Sunday, July 22, 2018

Week 29 of 2018: Stitching and De-stashing

It's been a slow and relaxing weekend so far. Not much going on other than laundry, a bit of housework and a bit of stitching.  It's been easy to get in my 15 minutes of stitching this week, it's simply too hot to do much else. 

Here's the stats for this week:

     15 minutes stitching days/week = 7/7 days
     15 minutes stitching days/July = 21/21 days
     15 minutes stitching days/2018 = 192/202 days
      Success Rate = 95.05%

This week it was more like an hour of stitching time each day, so things are moving along pretty well.  You can link up at the bottom of the post to share how easy/hard it's been to find some sewing time.

The stash report looks a bit better with there being a bit more time spent stitching this week. 

     Fabric used this week: 1.15 yards
     Fabric used in 2018:  27.32 yards
     Fabric added in 2018:  20.41 yards
     Net fabric out for 2018:  6.91 yards

I broke down this week and did some retirement stash acquistion.  Connecting Threads had some tone on tone whites and blacks on sale, plus a few other tone on tone brights.  So I ordered a bit for the retirement stash. That hasn't shown up at the house yet, so I'm going to enjoy being in the black for one more week.  Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for the weekly stash report. 

That's all the sewing stuff going on.  At the moment, I'm sitting on the back patio (it's still cool enough for that right now) and watching the bees make use of the sunflowers.  

Happy stitching this week.  Here's Mr. Linky for sharing progress on finding time to stitch. 

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Tu-Na Quilts said...

Retirement stash!!?? I've never heard of that. Please define. Love your pic of the flower and bee!!! It's so clear and sharp! So I've been striving to do the 15 minutes of stitching each day. I just forget to log it. And now I can't remember if I missed one day or two. I'll get better. You're my inspiration.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOL!!! I often call my fabric stash "The Retirement Fund." Glad you got a good deal on some basics!

gayle said...

I added to my retirement stash with that sale, too. Luckily I'm already retired so I can dig right in when it gets here!

Susan said...

Retirement stash is important! There are a lot fewer dollars to spend, even when you find good sales. I used to call it my 401F. =) Those basics are still what I spend most of my fabric money buying, so a great idea to have them ready.

Jennifer said...

Glad you had some good sewing time this week and love that flower!