Sunday, July 1, 2018

2018 Finish Along Second Quarter - Chain Reaction

The second quarter of 2018 ended yesterday, so it's time to link up with the 2018 Finish Along.

The "to be finished" list for second quarter had six quilts on it.  There were no finishes in first quarter, so all the quilts from first quarter were rolled onto the second quarter list with the three planned finishes for second quarter.  From that list of six, there's just one finish for second quarter, Chain Reaction (aka Geek Chic).  

Chain Reaction  (Geek Chic)
Pattern is Under Construction by the Missouri Star Quilt Company
found in Missouri Star Quilt Company Block Idea Book (Summer Vol 4 Issue 3)
Started: September 5, 2017, Completed April 14, 2018

This quilt was started in 2017 as a Christmas present for the Scientist in Training who is pursuing a chemistry degree.  Well it didn't get done for Christmas, nor for her birthday in January.  The backing was finished at the end of January so it could be sent out for quilting.

It took me a couple of months to get the label made once it came back from Trudy. 

And then get the binding made and sewn down. 

The quilt was finally finished in April 2018.  The SIT was more than happy to cuddle with it on vacation in May.

Chain Reaction made it's dorm room debut with the start of the summer semester in June. 

It's nice to have a finish that is well loved and in use.  That leaves five quilts from second quarter that didn't get completed.  Some years are just that way.  Hopefully, third quarter will be better.  Maybe I can finish two?  


Barbara said...

Oh, it’s fantastic. I love that name too.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

I am still impressed with your accomplishments. Here's hoping you continue to enjoy your sewing as I enjoy reading about it. I didn't do so well with my goals either. I think goal setting is over rated.

dq said...

Yay! Finishes make me smile! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

The finish you had is great! Glad she is enjoying it!

felicity said...

Fantastic finish! I love the colours and the sketch fabric binding. On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for linking up to the FAL.

Melanie said...

Love the shapes in this quilt. Thanks for pointing the way to the pattern :) And I am glad your SIT loves her new quilt. Hope it is still in good use and giving lots of joy!