Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stash Stuff For Week 32 of 2017

It's been a busy week, with not as much sewing going on as I had hoped.  Getting Drama Teen ready to head for college has been our priority the last week.  We've had a couple of marathon shopping expeditions to get stuff together for her dorm room.  Found out yesterday that the bed size in her room is different than the information we'd been sent, so that means another shopping trip this morning.  I am hoping to get in some sewing time this afternoon.

So this week there were only 4 days of stitching out of the last 7.  That puts me at a 89.7% success rate at finding time to stitch.  Still there was enough stitching to have a bit going out to report. 

Fabric used this week:  0.33 yards
Fabric used year to date:  42.08 yards

Besides finding time to sew and using fabric, one of the other long term sewing goals has been to get the fabric closet organized.  I've been tackling one shelf at a time.  The third shelf on the second shelving unit has been the focus for the last year or so.  This is what it looked like last July.

July 2016

This is what it looks like now:

August 2017

The batik, oriental and specific collection fabrics from the second shelf have been moved to the third shelf.  The fabrics sorted by color moved up to the second shelf.  There is still one stack of fabric on that shelf to be pressed and refolded, but there's been progress.  It's slow progress, but I'm OK with that.  It does make it much easier to find fabrics for projects once they are sorted into the appropriate stacks.  Plus the way the fabrics are folded makes them ready to use for a project.  I just unfold the amount I want, give it a touch up press and then cut what's needed.  It's nice to be able to pull fabric from the closet and it's more or less ready to use.

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  1. There are some very pretty fabrics on that shelf. Handling them would make me want to start new projects.

  2. Reordering fabric stash seems to be a never-ending job. It certainly is at my house.

  3. Love how much less room fabric takes when it is folded. :)
    Very good job!!
    My drama teen has taken up time this week too. She moves in on Wednesday and I think we need one more shopping trip for Capri pants. I'm sure there will be emergency trips once she is moved in and settled.

  4. Good job on organizing your fabric, it is a never ending job. I finally got my cutting table cleared off and the items are where they belong! Enjoy your time with Drama Teen before she leaves.

  5. Getting DT off to college with the right stuff is the most important item this week and think of the memories you are creating with her--so slow down and breathe and enjoy--the sewing and the fabrics will be there once she is in college--right?????
    love nicely stacked and folded fabric--yours looks sooo pretty--
    enjoy the moments, di

  6. Mine left for college on Thursday. If feels like we spent all summer getting her ready. Now I am ready to sew something - and get organized.

  7. I've been doing the same - going through everything in my house shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer. It is a long, drawn out process, but it is more manageable that way and it does look better and better as I go along. Your shelves look magnificent.

  8. I remember those days of getting ready for the first dorm room, and yet, there is always more to stuff that is needed when they get there. If you are taking her to move in, and have to make the infamous Walmart run, find a Walmart further away from campus if there is more than one. The one closest to campus will be a madhouse. I know this because no one gave us that advice. lol

  9. Neatly folded stacks are kinda like FQ bundles -- too pretty to mess up. But being able to see a bit of everything surely makes fabric pulls easier.

  10. Getting your fabric closet organized will make it so much easier to see what you have when you are looking for fabrics to use. It's coming along beautifully!

  11. Oooh a wonderfully organized fabric stash. I store my fabric the same way with the exception of pinning a little note on it telling me how much fabric I have in the bundle. Too many times I've had to take out a bundle, unfold it, measure it and not have the amount of fabric I need. So the little note saves me a lot of time.

  12. I'm afraid if I had my fabric out it would be covered in dust ... I'm not in the sewing room nearly enough.

  13. For years now I've folded my fabrics that are 1/2 yard and up as if they were on a bolt, and it is perfect for when you need to do as you say, unfold a bit use some, fold it back up. :-)


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