Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Bordering Blooms

I suspect this will be another fast and furious week. We've had a few of those lately.  Lots going on since Drama Teen's graduation.  The unexpected changes at work are going to make this week challenging.  I'll probably just manage to get in 15 minutes of stitching each day.  Hopefully that will be enough to maintain my sanity through all the transitions that have to happen. 

I did get some significant sewing room time on Saturday.  Blooms and Butterflies is now a finished flimsy.

 Blooms and Butterflies
Bloom block by Lea Brummett, setting by Kate
I'm happy with how this quilt turned out.  It's going to be my new cuddle quilt for the recliner.  The back will have to be pieced.  The fabrics for the back have been selected. Hopefully the back will get pieced sometime this week.  My June One Monthly Goal is to get this quilt ready to send out for quilting.  

I'm hoping that the work stuff that has to get done is finished by Friday. Then I can take that solo sewing retreat day I'm dreaming of next weekend.  

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  1. This week is busy for me as well. I hope you find the time to sew your quilt back together . The quilt is so pretty with the soft blues and pops of red and bright green. It will be nice to curl up under.

  2. So pretty! Congrats on getting your Blooms and Butterflies quilt top together!

  3. Oh it is so cute! Thank you for making my pattern, it made my day to see it finished and on the top of your blog!

  4. I bet it feels good to have the top all completed. I've enjoyed watching your progress on this one, and it turned out so beautiful!

  5. Blooms and Butterflies is so pretty! Glad you found time to finish it up. When I was still working, that 15 minutes of sewing every day sure made a difference to my sanity! Hope you can find that time every day this week!

  6. I love the butterfly border - too cute! And of course, the Red, White, and Blue are always a favorite of mine. Nice job!

  7. Hi Kate,
    I love the quilt top. June is a busy month for you and your family, with graduation and all. I think it's a miracle that you were able to get this complete. ~smile~

  8. It's just gorgeous. I'd like this one, please. Love how the blue border just finishes it off. Nice work. Beautiful design.

  9. This is so pretty... love the soft blues in this quilt!

  10. I really love your flower quilt--love the colors--I should make one--oh that's right I have some of my own to finish!!!!!!!
    Will be thinking of you this week while your work changes--best of luck there--
    enjoy the moments, di

  11. It will be a sweet quilt to cuddle under. Good luck with your sewing time this week; I hope your week is not too stressful!

  12. Hope the week is going well so far - I remember my mom commenting that things would slow down when we graduated high school, but she always said it actually took another 10 years before things really did slow down! You finished top is great - cheery design and colors.

  13. It definitely is a cuddle quilt! I hope even looking at it takes away some of the stress and makes you happy.


  14. Gosh, how did I miss this one? So cute!!!
    Makes me smile :-)


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