Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stash Report - Week 17 of 2015

It has been almost two weeks since my last post.  Most of that time I was either getting ready for or actually on a business trip to the West Coast.  Due to scheduling conflicts, I had to stay in Seattle last weekend.  Most of the time I had to work, but I did take last Saturday afternoon off and drove out to Deception Point in Tacoma, WA.  

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed my walk along the waterfront.    That's Mount Rainier there in the background.  From Seattle, I flew to San Francisco, then on to Los Angeles.  After eight days on the road, I am happy to be back home.  Now I just have to write up my reports, but that won't be as intensive as all the prep work that kept me busy and out of the sewing room for much of  early April.

I got home late Wednesday, but didn't make it back to the sewing room till Friday evening.  Most of what got put together on Friday, got taken apart on Saturday, so there's not much to report in terms of fabric going out.  

Used last week:  0.09 yards
Used in April:  0.65 yards
Used year to date:  11.95 yards

My usage isn't spectacular, but I've done really well at keeping the incoming numbers to zero for the year.  So at least I'm not adding to the stash this year.  

I'm hoping to get some good stitching time in this afternoon and tomorrow.  My Guy and I are off work on Monday.  The only firm plans we have is to take Drama Teen to get her driver's license. I do hope to spend at least the morning in the sewing room.  But to do that I need to go tackle the laundry.  Even though I washed pretty much all the laundry before I left, the piles are back to being almost mountainous in stature.  How does that happen so soon?   

Have a great week.  You can check out other stash reports over at Patchwork Times.  


  1. I was kind of wondering where you'd been. You got lucky with the weather. You were here the best weekend of the year. Wish I'd known you were in Seattle. I'd have driven up to see you!

  2. Getting the Driver's License! What a thrill--for her and for you! No more chauffeuring (sp?) her to the many activities she's into! Imagine how much more sewing time you'll have! Yahoo! For awhile, she'll even jump at the chance to run (drive) errands for you! Yes, it's a big deal and I hope DT does well on her test.

  3. What you didn't shop for fabric while you were out there??? I was in Phoenix and some Fat Quarters slipped in my carry on.....

  4. I've been on a bit of a fabric binge at moment, lots coming in but I have just about finished my 4th quilt for the year.

  5. Well done keeping your "inbox" empty!

  6. What a drag when life/job interferes with quilting and blogging! Welcome back--I hope you get some sewing time soon.

  7. Seattle is on my list of places I want to visit someday. So jealous you were there ! And I know exactly what its like to have work sucking the creativity out of you . Glad you're home with some time to sew.

    Does DT have to sit a test to get her Drivers licence?

  8. A stash report! What an excellent idea. I might have to try that myself once I've gotten through the decluttering of UFO's. Well done on not bringing any more in this year. I have failed on that one myself.


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