Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday - A Bit of Stitching

It felt so good to be home and relaxed this weekend, versus driving in strange cities and running through airports like I did last weekend.  Normally I don't mind the travel, but the trip last week included a pretty grueling meeting schedule.  I'm really glad to be in the wrap up stage of this project.  

After 4 weeks of focusing on work stuff, I'm way behind on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.  This month's color is purple, but I still haven't finished up the yellow blocks from last month.  However, the last two are in progress and the other 5 are up on the design wall.

Twinkle Stars  -  Tutorial by Andrea Feldbush of Soscrappy

I really like how these turned out.  I'm hoping to finish up the last 2 yellow blocks today and at least make a start on the purple stars today.

Grand Illusion is still up on the big design wall.  I made a set of blocks wrong, so had to un-sew and then re-sew a few of the smaller blocks.  So not as much progress as I would like.  

 Grand Illusion - A Bonnie Hunter Mystery

The last block for row 3 is almost finished.  I'm only making 5 rows, so just 8 more blocks to make after that one.    

My Guy and are off work today.  Not sure what his plans are for this morning, I'm planning to spend the morning in the sewing room and checking out the other links posted over at Judy's Design Wall Monday post.  


  1. Your Grand Illusion is looking awesome! I saw a finished one at a quilt show this weekend and I'm tempted to make my own.

  2. How nice for you to get a day off to spend sewing. Enjoy it. I don't envy you the driving in Seattle. It has some of the worst traffic in the nation.

  3. Love the twinkle stars and slow and steady on the Illusion quilt is making progress.

  4. Your twinkle stars are wonderful. I haven't checked the directions -- is it a hard block to make? GI is coming along. I hate ripping out but I hate mistakes more. Have fun sewing today.

  5. Your Twinkle Stars look wonderful, and your Grand Illusion is coming along very well. Those Bonnie Hunter patterns have so many pieces!

  6. Your rainbow scrap blocks are gorgeous! Also, congrats on getting your Grand Illusion so close to finished.

  7. LOVE your Twinkle Stars! You are moving right along with GI. Hope you had a great day in front of the machine.

  8. The twinkle stars are divine! Can't wait to see your Grand Illusion all together! Are you going to do the borders too?


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