Saturday, April 11, 2015

An Unplanned Break

Life happens.  It's happened a lot over the last three weeks.  It's not all been crazy, hectic work schedules.  There has been some relaxing family time away from home in there as well.  But both the much needed family time and the crazy work schedule have kept me off the computer and out of the sewing room for several weeks.  I could have worked around the planned family time, but when I ended up with an unexpected project at work with a looming deadline, something had to give.  I'm still in the thick of things with the project at work, so I'll be scarce for another couple of weeks.  

I've not had much of a chance to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, but I did take a break for Easter weekend.  We visited My Guy's family and went for a lazy walk on the family farm last Saturday.  The daffodils were thick and oh so pretty.  

I do hope to catch up with a few blogs as well as spend a bit of time in the sewing room this weekend.  Hopefully that will translate into something worthy to post about next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.  


  1. I"ve been wonderin where you've been girl. Hate when the ol' JOB gets in the way...grrr...I just realized I haven't stepped into my sewing room since Spring Break...luckily the past wed. I got in some sewing and will tomorrow too. Boy! I sure do start to miss it. Hang in there!! Thinking of ya!

  2. Daffodils are so pretty and a good sign that spring is here! Hoping things will get back to normal for you soon!

  3. Welcome back, I've been missing reading your blog. Glad to hear you had some relaxing time with family to balance out the busy work schedule. Love the daffodils. They are such a beautiful sign that spring is here!

  4. Taking a break is not a sin😝
    Glad you had some family time and relaxation!

  5. Thanks for posting! I don't have to bug you with an "everything okay?" email. Good luck with the deadlines, and way to go avoiding all those emails. I occasionally think about opening them, but I remember that you're holding strong, so I delete it instead.

  6. Beautiful daffodils! I'm in the midst of an unplanned blogging break - vacation coupled with illness for us. Slowly getting back into the swing of the sewing room, and the blogging will come back...soon.


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