Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Last Stash Report for 2014

It's hard to believe that this is the last stash report for the year.  I have mixed feelings about that.  This year certainly wasn't a stellar one in terms of busting stash, but I did do a good job of filling in some big holes in my stash with what I bought.  My biggest disappointment is that I didn't use more fabric this year.  December was a pretty lack luster month in terms of usage as you can tell from this week's report.

Used last week:  0.11 yards
Used in December:  1.03 yards
Used year to date:  33.45 yards

The low December numbers are a result of not counting any of the fabric used in the Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery.  I won't count that fabric until all the parts get made into blocks.  At least it will give me a good start to 2015.  But I failed miserably to meet my 2014 goal to use 75 yards of fabric.  I've been tracking fabric usage since 2010. I used less fabric this year than I did in any of the previous 4.  Which is sad considering 2013 was the best year I've ever had for fabric usage.  

But there does seem to be a pattern doesn't there.  Every good year seems to be followed by a poorer year.  Hmm wonder if there is something to that.  So maybe I can hope that 2015 will be better for stash usage than 2014 was. 

Have you decided on stash busting goals for 2015?  I'm still mulling over the results of this year.  But since the New Year is only 3 days away, I'll have to come up with some quilty resolutions soon.  

Check out Patchwork Times to see more reflections on the year's stash usage.  


Kevin the Quilter said...

I hope keeping track of things like this gets you down? You should be very proud of what you have done. I don't think I could ever do this because I use so many scrap pieces that aren't actual yardage? How do you keep track of that I am curious?

Dar said...

Kate, I know exactly what you are feeling. I haven't put mine year-to-year usage in a visual graph as you have, but I would imagine it would be similar. My usage this year was not stellar and I had such high hopes at the beginning 2014. I did keep my buying to a minimum which was one of my goals too. We will both do better in 2015, I'm sure!!

Denise :) said...

I think the up and down of your years gives you some rolling momentum. If you swing down low, you're apt to swing back up high, too!! I'm still mulling over how I'll keep track, too. We'll see . . . !! I just know for sure that I *will* keep track of something! :)

Laura said...

I like graphs and charts too. But you have to remember that you are just keeping track of fabric usage. Quilting ought to be fun for you, not a job where you have to be super productive.

DeeDee said...

I am impressed with your graph. Computer skills just isn't easy for me to do. I have to call my grandkids for help. Couldn't even figure out how to turn up the volume on my cell phone without help.

Have a very happy new year.

Marti said...

I am so impressed that you have kept up with the numbers for so many years. I always have good intentions and a great start but then fail to finish. Does it help to post to the other blog so you have a reason to be accountable?

Lynne said...

Is it possible that projects are being held over from one year to the other so that the fabric used gets counted in a different year; like the mystery quilt for instance?