Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Favorite Quilts

It's easy to forget that I've only been blogging for about 4 years, while the quilting has been going on for about the last 13 years.   So it's not surprising that there are quilts that have never shown up on the blog.  But for some reason it always amazes me when I come across one that hasn't.  Val's Tuesday Archive theme for this week is "Favorite Quilts".  Looking back through all my finishes trying to decide on what were my favorite quilts, I came across a project from one of the first quilting classes I took.

Carpenter Star
Pattern by Debbie Maddy for Calico Carriage

Carpenter Star was probably my first experience with half square triangles, I definitely started big with those.  I had no stash in those days, so bought fabric for each project from the quilt shop in town.  That always limited my choices, but I still like this quilt even though if I were to make it now the color choices would be quite different.

There was supposed to be a class to make another of Debbie Maddy's stars.  I bought the pattern and fabric for Evening Star, but not enough people signed up for the class so it was never held. Finally in 2012, I decided the fabric had sat around long enough.  

St. Isadore's Star
from the pattern Evening Star by Debbie Maddy

I finally finished this one last May, 8 years after Carpenter's Star.  This isn't one of my favorites, but it is one of My Guy's.  He was a bit sad to see it gifted to one of Drama Teen's middle school teachers.  

It's the first day of school, so I need to get moving on making lunches and getting Drama Teen up and going.  Check out all the other fun historical posts over at Val's Tuesday Archives.  


  1. Historical posts....love that! And so love your stars! (I'm with DH...love that evening star!)

  2. PS There's just something about the quilt we make in our first quilting class huh!

  3. When I saw your Evening Star quilt (a lone star done in HSTs), I had to run to the quilt cupboard -- sure enough I have the Blazing Star pattern (and fabrics) to be done in HSTs which is also by Ms. Maddy!

    Kudos to you for reviving yours and getting it done. A Lone Star quilt is still on my "bucket list" but at this point mine will be simmering a little longer (so many projects, so little time). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another beautiful quilt Kate. So glad you got it finished so you could share it with us!

    Im always interested in seeing how our tastes change and evolve over time. I have quilts that I would make in completely different colours and fabrics if I had the opportunity to have a do over too!

  5. You were ahead of the Carpenter's Star frenzy! Very pretty. I like the other quilt too.

  6. I really like the Carpenter Star, and I think the colours are great :)

  7. Your Carpenter's Star is wonderful- cute narrow scrappy border.

  8. I usually don't like star blocks but your star quilts are fabulous!


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