Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Catch up Post

It's been one of those weeks.  If you want to read about the quilty stuff you can skip the rest of this paragraph and the next, if you like the drama, read on.  Two family emergencies and one rush project at work made for a pretty miserable week.  My Guy's wonderful mother was rushed to the emergency room on Monday.  They discovered a mass, which is inoperable and cancerous.  They did surgery to deal with some issues that were immediately life threatening.  She's now feeling a lot more comfortable and is in good spirits. My Guy left Friday morning to go see her.  

The plan was for Drama Teen and I to join My Guy on Saturday as she has volleyball practice and I needed to finish up a rush project at work.  That plan pretty much disintegrated when I picked DT up from volleyball practice on Friday.  DT texted that I needed to come in to talk to coach.  It wasn't the coach I had to talk to, it was the high school trainer.  DT took a bad fall during practice and over-extended her knee.  She was on crutches and hurting pretty badly.  So after an afternoon spent at the doctor's office, she has an MRI scheduled for this Thursday.  We won't know how bad the damage is to her knee until the doctor sees the results from that. She's supposed to stay off her feet and regularly ice the knee until then.  The rush project?  Well that was finally finished at about 8:30 PM on Friday.  

Here's the quilting updates that should have been written this week:

Never too hot to Stitch!

My something old this month is the same as it's been for several months, to finish up Jigsaw.  This month the blocks got finished, the rows sewn together and the borders were started.  

pattern by Alyssa Clancy for Lehmann Quilting

Jigsaw may actually make it to a finished flimsy in August. I've just started on the the last round of borders.  For my something new, I learned how to work with fussy cuts in EQ.  I'm still working to come up with a quilt that uses a butterfly panel I bought a couple of months ago.  Here's the latest effort. 

Modified from Bird Watching
by Wendy Sheppard
 published in July/August  2014 issue of McCall's Quilting

This layout reminds me of stained glass.  The pattern is modified from a quilt in the July issue of McCall's Quilting magazine, Bird Watching by Wendy Sheppard.  This may well end up being my something new for this month.  I will probably play some with block placement and fabric colors, but I think this quilt needs to be made.


July wasn't a good month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so I've been playing catch up with the red blocks.  All the blocks for the Scrap Challenge Sampler are in progress, but only 4 are finished. 

 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler
By Angela Feldbush of Soscrappy

The scrappy butterfly block is also done. 

Scrappy Butterflies
Block is available in EQ 7 Block Library

This month's color is light green.  Since I don't have a lot of greens, I used pretty much all my green scraps I had when we were working with dark green. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do for this month.  

Finally, today is stash report day.  I actually have some stash going out with nothing coming in.  

Used last week:  1.36 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used in 2014:  11.99 yards
Added in 2014:  302.3 yards

Net stashed in 2014:  290.31 yards 

So for the first time in a long while the net stashed actually went down!  I definitely need a few more weeks of that.  

That catches me up on posts for the week and the month.  I'm linking up with:

Lynn over at Never Too Hot To Stitch
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Judy over at Patchwork Times.  


  1. What a week! But it looks like all that can be done is being done - that's a small consolation. You've done well to catch up on your posts. Take a big breath and carry on.

  2. Sorry you had to cope with so much drama this week. It happens, unfortunately. Love your idea for the butterfly panel (which I have lusted after ever since you first showed it).

  3. I'm sorry to hear about all the drama! I hope your MIL feels better and your DTs knee not too bad. ~Melanie

  4. Yikes! Your family will be in my prayers. I hope your mil will be able to have good pain management, and that DT heals quickly.

    I don't have oodles of scraps, but if you like, I will mail you some, I was just in OKC this weekend for a wedding!

  5. Sorry you had so much drama in your life recently. Hopefully things will quiet down. You had a lot of beautiful "catch-ups" to show and you can breathe now.

  6. sounds like it's been a tough week for you and yours. it seems that that 'it never rains, but it pours' line is so accurate sometimes . . . you're in my thoughts.

    i think that if you don't have any appropriate greens it means that you have the month off~! :-D

    LOVE your plan for the butterflies~!!!!


  7. My goodness that is a rough week. Glad you met the deadline. Hope MIL and DT are both feeling better soon and not too much damage is done to her knee. A beautiful butterfly quilt - I agree it must be made... when you get a chance. I'm sure it will wait patiently until you get to it.

  8. Yikes! Your week really was a mess. But, oh thank you for some wonderful eye candy! The puzzle looks great. Can't wait to see the finished top. And the stained glass looking butterflies -- Wowzer. It looks beautiful. It will be fun to watch that progress. I also like your other butterfly blocks. I may have to search for that block in EQ. I sure hope your week is better this week. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. This is going to be a trying time for you and your family. Hugs to you and hope you can squeeze more quilting time in.

  9. Oh Kate – Im sorry to hear about your Mother In Law. It must be such a distressing time for your family. My thoughts are with you all.

    I hope DT’s knee is less serious than it sounds . Good Luck for the MRI appointment.

    I like the latest creation on your design board – stained glass quilts have always held a particular fascination for me and your mock up is beautiful!

  10. Oh, no, not a good week. :( I hope everything is okay with DT's knee, and that everything goes as well as possible with your MIL. And silly work projects in between!

    Butterfly Watching is a pretty good layout! I don't remember the original - I'll have to flip back through my magazine.

  11. So sorry about your MIL hope she is comfortable and able to have some quality time with family.

    And poor Drama Teen, hope that isn't too serious and she is back on the court soon.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  12. So much going on! Makes my knee hurt thinking about it and so sorry about your mother-in-law. What a week.

  13. Ooo, I like that layout for the butterfly panel.


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