Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stash Report - Week 35 of 2014

It's been a rough weekend.  Drama Teen had knee surgery on Friday to repair a torn ACL.  The nerve block wore off yesterday and she's not been very comfortable since.  One of us has to stay close because she can't move very well on her own, plus there's been the 30 minute off and on ice packs to deal with.  Hopefully things will start to get better today and tomorrow.  

Since my sewing room is upstairs, I've not been able get much done there this weekend.  Though I did get Jigsaw ready to bind, I didn't get as far as actually making the binding.  Most of my "sewing" time has been spent on the computer playing with layouts for some of my UFOs.   Plus I was playing around with fabric placement for a new project I've been calling Bright Butterflies.   I bought some fabric for that project last week when we were visiting my MIL.    

Here's the layout using just what I bought.

Bright Butterflies
Modified from Bird Watching

by Wendy Sheppard
 published in July/August  2014 issue of McCall's Quilting

I think it needs more variety, so hopefully there will be time this afternoon to raid my stash for some additional fabrics.  

Here's the damage for the week:

Used last week:  0.03 yards
Added last week:  16.38 yards

Used in 2014:  18.64 yards
Added in 2014:  332.68 yards

Net stashed in 2014:  314.03 yards.  

I should be able to get some stitching in this afternoon that should help me on my way to better numbers for next week.  I'm linking up with Patchwork Times, check out all the other stash reports there.  


  1. Your bright butterfly quilt is going to be great. It makes me feel as though I am looking out through stained glass windows.

    Hope DT feels better, so hard to be unable to do simple everyday things.

  2. The layout is gorgeous! Hope Miss Teen recovers quickly.

  3. Not much time for sewing when you're playing nurse. I hope DT starts to heal and feels better fast.

  4. It's not fun when the good drugs wear off. Wishing her a speedy recovery

  5. Whoa, I love your butterfly layout. Beautiful! Hope DT feels better soon.

  6. Love the fabrics you've chosen for that quilt. It's going to be glorious xxx

  7. I love the brights with the black sashing and the butterflies! That's going to look awesome!

  8. OMG have I never seen your stash reports. You have brought in more than 300 yards of fabric? Yeowzers! I definitely am NOT keeping up. (well, sorry to admit I don't want to keep up either!) Love the butterfly concept. It should be a great quilt.


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