Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stash Report - Week 24

My Guy gave me a sanity break yesterday, telling me to go sew rather than tackle laundry and the other typical weekend chores.  I think it was the traveler's guilt talking.  He's been gone for the last three weeks and is heading out again Monday.  He's hoping to be able to stay home the next week.  But there's a new project starting and the plant is in a hurry for it to get kicked off.  So thinking he'll be home the next week may well be wishful thinking on both our parts.  

I had a productive day in the sewing room yesterday.  So there is at least a bit to report out to go along with the incoming yardage.  It's hard to resist fabric prices when they are more than half off (that's my defense and I'm sticking to it).  Here's the damage:

Used last week:  0.49 yards
Added last week:  29.25 yards

Used in 2014:  9.23 yards
Added in 2014:  254.3 yards

Net stashed in 2014: 245.07 yards

The Fat Quarter Shop has these 24 hour flash sales and the discounts are really good, so it's ideal for buying larger yardages for back grounds and backings.  My stash is really weak on large cuts for backgrounds.  That's why these ended up my basket.

Summer Fun by Maywood Studios

The other purchase was 3 yard cuts to use for accents.

Sweet Things by Lakehouse

At less than $3.50 it was really hard to resist.  Obviously now there needs to be more foot pedaling than keyboarding.  

For more stash tales, check out the posts over at Patchwork Times.  


Scooquilt said...

It is so hard to resist fabric bargains, isn't it? When I was still working, I think I bought to compensate for my lack of time to sew. Now I'm working my way through all that. Havx a good day!

Shay said...

Those blues are totally sweet. I really enjoy living vicariously through your fabric purchases. I'm using stash this year (with the exception of backings for some projects ) so I've been deleting sale emails as soon as they arrive lest I be tempted !