Thursday, June 5, 2014

Something Old, Something New - June Update

I've been out of pocket the last few days as I've been at a conference in Denver.  Due to a delayed flight, I didn't get home till about 1 this morning.  I'm off today to take Drama Teen to a volleyball tournament that starts today and will run over the next 3 Thursdays in June.  

Since it's still the first week in June, I don't think it's too late to post my May progress on the Something Old, Something New Challenge.

Never too hot to Stitch!

Nothing new has been started, though I have started playing around with design ideas that use this panel. 

On the something old front, finishing up Jigsaw has been the primary focus the last few months.  I managed to finish up all but the last two rows before the placement of a few blocks started to bother me.

So after much dithering about it, I finally decided that the x marked block had to move.  While I was at it, I decided to completely rework the last row of fabrics. I wasn't happy with the color progression.  So after a bit of un-sewing and a couple of fabric orders, this is where Jigsaw was at the end of the month.

pattern by Alyssa Clancy for Lehmann Quilting

It may not look like much progress, but all that un-sewing took some time.  Now that I'm happy with the final plan, I'm hoping this will go together quickly and I can move on to something else.  

So for June the goal is to get Jigsaw to the finished flimsy stage and come up with a quilt design for the butterfly panel.  More old and new stuff is posted over at Never Too Hot to Stitch.  


Kate said...

The changes to Jigsaw look greet and the unsewing will be worth it in the end. And you're so close to having it done now! Woohoo!

Jo said...

Well done. It is hard to undo sewing. The easier option is just to push it aside but to work it out is great.
So good on you.

Shay said...

Unsewing is the worst - but once it's done and you've moved forward its almost always worth the effort.

I do hope you have some down time planned for this weekend.

Barbara said...

I liked the jigsaw quilt either way, but I do think you've improved it with your change. That's a very pretty panel.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Very cool WIP!!! I like the placements...