Monday, June 2, 2014

Design Wall Monday - Fixing Jigsaw

Not a lot of sewing this last weekend.  I didn't feel well on Saturday and Sunday I had other stuff to do for work.  Though I did spend a fair amount of time in the sewing room looking at options for the Jigsaw quilt.  Last week I pointed out one block for the Jigsaw quilt that was just bugging me.  There was another block in the very bottom row that was bugging me too.  After some debate, I was able to relocate a few of the existing blocks into something that I liked, but the third block in the last row still wasn't working.  After in infusion of few new pale batiks, I was able to remove the offending fabric and find a flow that works reasonably well.  

Here's where I was last week:

Here's where I ended up after the weekend.

The problem block (marked with the X in the first photo) has switched with the 3rd block in the middle row.  The 2nd block in the last row has been replaced with a new fabric, as has the 3rd block in the last row.  I think the over all color shift works better with the new choices.  

All the blocks unsewn, now I just have to resew them with the right "tabs".  Hopefully I'll have more blocks back up on the design wall next week.  

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  1. The flow of color on your jigsaw blocks looks beautiful! It's a pain to go back and do over, but you will be glad you did.

  2. Wow! Love your color choices. Batiks are one of my favorites to work with. Looking good!

  3. Yep - the flow of colour looks so much better- great call Kate!

  4. You have such an eye for quilt color & design, Kate. It's going to be stunning when you're finished!

  5. i admire your patience as you take the time to get the flow of color just right. it's going to be a stunner~!!


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