Monday, October 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday - October 28, 2013

We had a nice quiet weekend. No place we had to be, which meant we pretty much just hung out at home.  I did get to spend quite a bit of time in the sewing room, but you couldn't tell if from the design walls.  A lot of what I'm stitching is sub-units of blocks. At some point I'll lots of new stuff to show.   But for now, progress is best judged by what's pinned and waiting by the machine for stitching. There's been good progress on the second set of log cabin blocks for Back to Square One clue 9.  

I had hoped to catch up on Judy's mystery this month, but with just 4 days left in the month, that's not going to happen.  So not a lot of change to the design walls.  I did get the 4th border sewn together and attached to the rest of the quilt earlier this month.   

Back to Square One
by Judy Laquidara (pattern available here)

Back to Square One takes up most of the primary design wall.  There's enough room for a single row of Scrappy Star blocks.  Those are coming along nicely too this month.  Soon, I'll have enough of those to start setting that quilt together.  

So not much going on with my design wall.  Hopefully next week I'll have a few blocks of a new project up on the design wall to liven things up.  I'm linking up with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  Hop over to Judy's to see what pretties are gracing other design walls. 


Nancy said...


The colors are great, they are so crisp, clean and spectacular. Sometimes the simpler designs are the best, great job.

Podunk Pretties said...

Totally agree with Nancy, CRISP! I'm really enjoying seeing it come together.

Rhonda R. said...

I know what you mean about lots of things in parts. It's rewarding when they finally come together though. Keep plugging away...your quilt will be beautiful when it's finished.

Shay said...

Putting together parts of quilts is how progress gets made ...its not until those bits are done that you can see how hard you've been working. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend without the usual running around.

Julie in GA said...

Your Back to Square One is so pretty! I love your colors.

Dar said...

Your Back to Square one looks great! I think you are doing amazing with all the projects that I've seen you working on. Soon they will all be finished!

AnnieO said...

Yay for sewing room time--I spent my weekend the same way. Congrats on continuing to plug away on pretty projects :)

~Kris~ said...

Love the blue and green. It really makes the design show through.