Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Day Off

As many know, I took a couple of days off work to stay home with the Drama Teen who had her wisdom teeth out Thursday.  Not the most glamorous use of vacation, but we figured we would at least get some rest, if not relaxation from staying home with a sleepy girl. Thursday was the day she needed the most babysitting, as she wasn't supposed to go anywhere without assistance   We kept her downstairs as the doctor warned us that stairs would be tricky that first day.   By Friday morning Drama Teen was almost back to normal, though still hurting just a bit.  

She doesn't look thrilled, but she is looking so much better than she did Thursday morning.   Her face is still a bit swollen but she's able to pull off her "really Mom" look again.   She discovered that she could manage marshmallows if she had luke warm "hot" chocolate to wash them down (the luke warm part was the doctor's orders).  It was cold and rainy in the afternoon, just right for luke warm "hot" chocolate.  (The luke warm part wasn't ideal, but she was determined to just deal with it).  She watched movies while I used my camera in an attempt to capture the rain drops on the kitchen window.  

The rain drops are kinda sparkly in this image.  Not really what I was after, but it conveys the mood pretty well.  

I've started a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt, but wasn't thrilled with the first block.  Rather than make more, I took a step back trying to decide what I wanted to do with it.  So while DT and I were hanging out, I decided to play around with an idea to use just two colors of scraps using a third contrasting color as the  diagonal in each block.  I have a lot of yellow and purple scraps left over from my first yellow and purple scrap quilt, so I played with around with that thought and came up with this. 

It's just 9 blocks, but it gives me a sense of how that concept would work out.  I may go this way.  I just didn't like the completely scrappy version.  

This morning it's laundry and a bit of housework.  I'm hoping to get DT out and about a bit this afternoon.  Hopefully I can get into the sewing room and play some more with my scraps this evening.  


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I love all the bright colors. Really pops. Hope your Teen feels better soon.

Julie in GA said...

I love the yellow and purple fabrics in your Scrappy Trips. I also prefer the look of a more controlled color palette like this than the "anything goes" versions.

AnnieO said...

Glad the surgery went well and DT can return to normal :) Good day off for you and playing with some ideas for your scraps. I like a planned scrappy theme too--just a little more cohesion is pleasing!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Is that a computer image, or are those the actual blocks you made sewn together? Either, or, IIIIIII LIIIIIIIKE it!

Denise in PA said...

Awww, poor baby! She does look miserable. I like where you're going with the Scrappy Trip Around the World. I want to make one, but I'm afraid I wont' like how it turns out either!

seabreezequilts said...

Glad drama teen is on the mend.