Tuesday, October 8, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - Cleaning the Palette

Autumn is my favorite season.  The cooler temperatures invite one to spend more time outside.  Plus at our latitude, the late afternoon light becomes incredible.  It's a prime time to get out with a camera.  The only fly in the ointment, is that fall plays havoc with my sinuses.  I appreciate all the well wishes over the last couple of days.  I'm still dealing with a low grade headache, hopefully this one will be like the one yesterday and it will fade once I get busy with work stuff.  

Autumn must energize me, it's been easy to find at least 15 minutes to sew most days.  

Six out of seven days isn't bad.  Scheduling conflicts kept me out of the sewing room last Tuesday.  These were last minute conflicts due to a lack of planning by the other two people who live with me. Like other things in life, that happens occasionally. 

This month we are talking about how taking breaks can foster your creativity.  Earlier this year I was madly trying to finish up 5 quilts as gifts for some amazing teachers that Drama Teen had in middle school.  There was definite motivation there to get them done before the school year ended.  I had a lot of 7 days in a row in the sewing room.   Looking back I had 3 months where I managed to spend 7 days in the sewing room 3 weeks out of the month. After school ended, I dropped from 7 days to 3 days during that next week.  It was time for a break.  As much as I love quilting, sewing to a deadline is not fun.   

I switched from sewing every night to taking it easy in the recliner with reading some books I just hadn't had time to read.  It was a relaxing week.  Kevin the Quilter was just talking about the need to have a "palette cleanser" while working on intricate quilts with a deadline.  The need to start something new and fun in midst of all those projects with deadlines was just overpowering.  But what a great way to re-energize yourself!  Doing something completely different like reading, knitting, and gardening; or starting something fun and different while you are working on deadlines or tough projects are both ways to take a break.  Other suggestions I found for taking a break to refresh your creativity include cleaning your sewing room, buying new inspiring fabric, or reviewing all your quilting books.  

How do you take a break when you get overwhelmed or just tired of sewing?  Have you been taking a break recently or does your sewing machine have you in its thrall.  Link up below and share how your quilty/crafty life is going.  

1. Julie in GA

2. Kate

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Fall has inspired me to sew more too and winter is definitely my high sew time... I think I need the fabric therapy to brighten my days! I don't do well with deadlines either, it feels like sewing turns into work then. Plus it always seems things go wonky when time is short.

Shay said...

I'll often start something new when Im fed up with something Im working on. I think thats why we quilters have so many projects on the go too - we can move on to something else when the going gets tough with something else.

thea said...

I have been taking a break lately. I seem to either sew a bunch or not at all and right now I'm on the not at all. I do hear my sewing calling me though ...

Congrats on another good week. Hope the allergies let up.

make.share.give said...

We've been heading outside in the evenings, too! The cool weather has been wonderful.
You're exacly right, sewing with a deadline is no fun. I usually rebel and sit on the couch :) I'm occasionally working on binding, so I may have a finish soon.

Julie in GA said...

Having a deadline for sewing can be a drag, but sometimes it is a good motivation to finish a project. I agree that it helps to take a break and do something different occasionally.