Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September - The Year of the Finished Project

It's the first Thursday of a new month.  That means it's time to link up with Lynn over at Never Too Hot To Stitch to report progress on my August goals for The Year of the Finished Project challenge.  

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

For August I picked 3 projects to focus my efforts on.  

Mon Ami
     Sew blocks together          Done
     Add borders                      Done
     Make backing
     Send out for quilting


Mon Ami as of 7/31                   Mon Ami as of 8/31

Lots of progress on this project this month, especially getting all 5 borders added.  I'm very happy with how this one is turning out.  Not quite a finish, but I'm getting really close.  The back is almost pieced, so I'm hoping this one becomes a finished project by October.  

Back to Square One
     Finish Clue 4          Done
     Finish Clue 5
     Finish Clue 6
     Finish Clue 7


Back to Square One in July              Back to Square One in August

This is Judy Laquidara's Medallion Mystery for this year.  I was finally able to start the quilt back in June.  Which was 6 months after everyone else started.  I'd like to catch up, but I'm not there yet.  Those little Economy Blocks take forever to stitch together.  

Neutral Gems
     Make 10 blocks          Finished 4


Neutral Gems in June                      Neutral Gems in August

In addition to finishing up 4 blocks, I started sewing the blocks into rows.  I love these fabrics and really like the secondary designs that show up when you put the blocks together.  So though progress has been slow, it's been moving along in the background.  

So what am I going to do for September?  Once Mon Ami goes out for quilting, I want to focus on Back to Square One and see if I can get caught up on all the clues.  Then there are 3 other projects, I'd like to make some progress one.  Christmas Angels and Road to Brenham are new projects started in the last two months.  Scrappy Stars is my oldest UFO.  Scrappy Stars got put away while I worked on finishing up several quilts that needed to done back in May.  I'd really like to make some progress on it this month.  Here are my September goals:

1.  Mon Ami
     Make backing
     Send out for quilting

2.  Back to Square One
     Finish Clue 5
     Finish Clue 6
     Finish Clue 7
     Finish Clue 8
     Finish Clue 9

3.  Neutral Gems
     Make 5 blocks

4.  Scrappy Stars
     Make 5 blocks

5.  Christmas Angels
     Make 9-4 patches

6.  Road to Brenham
     Make 32 HSTs

Is it doable?  Probably not, but I'm sure I can make some progress on each project and that's really the whole point.  


Lynne said...

You given yourself quite a list!

Lyndsey said...

That's a long list to work on this month. Good luck.

AnnieO said...

Terrific work on so many goals, Kate! You should be happily occupied in the sewing room for you new list too :)

Barbara said...

You have some pretty projects you're working on, Kate. And your list is ambitious to!

Mariam said...
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Shay said...

At least with your huge list you've got lots of options.

I really love the change you made to the border of Back to Square one - that looks so pretty!

Plenty of progress going on at your place Kate !

Larri said...

Great progress! I love how you set goals & adapt to get it all done. Wow - five borders. They made such a difference to that quilt top. Can't wait to see a finished Back to Square One. You are inspiring, Kate. I want to be like you when I become a true quilter. :) Happy Sunday!

karen said...

Cannot wait to see Mon Ami fully finished! Love your to do list!