Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Indulgence and Quilting ADD

I'm off work today and no one else is home.  My Guy is off on a business trip and Drama Teen is at school.  I always feel like I'm playing hooky when I'm off like this.  Especially when there is stuff going on at work that's already had me spending an hour writing business emails this morning.  However this is the one day left this month that I don't have a single meeting scheduled.  So it's pretty much take my day off today or loose it.  So even if I have to check the work email regularly, that's a small price to pay for having some time to just play in the sewing room.  So from now until 4:30 PM when I have to go pick up DT from volleyball practice, I'm having a mini retreat in my own sewing room.

So what's on the retreat schedule?  I'm not sure yet.  I need to press Mon Ami and it's back then package those up so they can go to Trudy for quilting.  Drama Teen has been dropping subtle hints that I promised her a new quilt for her bed so she could redecorate her room.  I need to scan all the fabric so she can play with the layout in EQ.  She has a very certain look she's going for.  

Then there's this, 

the pieces for 5 different quilts laid out in front of the sewing machine. This is my version of chain piecing. (Or maybe it's proof that I really do have quilting ADD?) I prep a certain number of blocks for each project then just do the stitching in assembly line mode.  On the far left is the beginnings of the Log Cabin blocks for border number 4 of Back to Square One.  Next are the HSTs for one Neutral Gem's block.  The next pieces are the Triangle in Square blocks for the Christmas Angels quilt.  Forth in the line up is more HSTs, but these are for Road to Brenham.  Finally, the last red and beige pieces are in progress flying geese for my current leader and ender project, Scrappy Stars.

Decisions, decisions.  Maybe I'll just give into my ADD tendencies and do some on each.  For now, I'm going to crank up the music (Nickelback for now to keep the energy high) and go do some stitching.   Hope you are having a great day in your corner of the world.  


Kate said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'm usually so quilting ADD...but lately I've been trying to work on one project at a time, and I'm doing a better job finishing things. But it gets boring halfway through when I want to switch projects, or add a project, or anything to relieve the tedium of one project!

Shay said...

Hope your day of playing hooky is going well...I always feel a bit guilty when I have a day off mid week !

Kevin the Quilter said...

Isn't it nice to have a day to yourself and ponder things in your sewing room? LOL

libbyquilter said...

i hope that it was a great day for you~!
i have to laugh at your quilter's ADD issues but only because i suffer from them too.


thea said...

Hope your day was productive. It's nice to have time like that to yourself.

AnnieO said...

I need a retreat day too! Your organizing efforts cancel the QADD in my book :)

Lynne said...

Now that is an approach I've never considered -- prepping pieces for blocks for different quits! I'm sure I'd get into a muddle -- I usually just press and cut fabrics for the blocks of the same quilt and chain piece, though my method of chain piecing is not really chain piecing as I stop and press and trim as I go along. This is my way of getting some exercise as I sit to sew, and stand to press and cut. My machine, my iron and my cutting table are three points of a triangle so I have to keep moving which, for someone who likes sedentary, is a good thing!