Thursday, June 6, 2013

June - 2013 Year of the Finished Project

Lynne over at Never too Hot to Stitch decided that 2013 needed to be a year of finishes.  Since it's always more fun to deal with UFOs and other unfinished projects as a group, she's hosting a challenge to help the rest of us finish up our projects too.

I had some pretty ambitious challenge goals for May as I was hoping to finish up 5 quilts last month.  So how did I do?  

1.  Evening Star          Done
          Finish binding

2.  The Sofa Quilt          Done
          Make binding
          Sew binding on

3.  OSU Quilt          
          Make binding          Done
          Sew binding on

4.  Sweet Treats
          Make binding
          Sew binding on

5. Calico Cats
          Make 4 blocks                                 Done
          Assemble blocks and sashing            Done
          Add borders                                    Done
          Make backing                                  Done
          Ship off for quilting                         Done
          Make binding
          Sew binding on

Not a bad month at all.  I finished 2 quilts and had a third almost done.  Plus managed to finish the blocks for a fourth quilt and get it assembled and quilted.  Though I didn't get all 5 quilts done, it was still an excellent month.  Evening Star and The Sofa Quilt are my first finishes of 2013. 

So what are my goals for June?  One thing they are not is as ambitious as my May goals were.

1.  OSU Quilt
          Finish binding
2.  Sweet Treats
           Make binding
           Sew binding on
3.  Calico Cats
           Make binding
           Sew binding on
4.  Neutral Gems
           Make 23 blocks
5.  Mon Ami
           Make 12 blocks

I have a lot of binding to do this month, which is slow stitching.  I plan to mix that up with some machine stitching on some ongoing projects. Neutral Gems is a gift for a friend who just recently retired and Mon Ami is intended to be a QOV, so these are the next two quilts I want to finish. 

Lynn hasn't posted this month's linky party yet, I know she's been busy. Once that post is up, I'll link up with all the others striving to reduce their UFO piles.  


thea said...

Wow! You certainly accomplished a lot in May. Way to go!

Unknown said...

I need whatever it is your on, great effort. This is my year to finish all those UFI's in the cupboard, I'm slowly getting through them, not at your speed though.

Barbara said...

Good job! You got a lot done!

Marti said...

Well done on your goals. I'm still haven't worked my way down to my UFOs but seeing your accomplishments is encouraging.

Shay said...

Wow Kate ! You had an incredible month of finishes. Your list is amazing.

Janet said...

You have some pretty finishes this month. I especially like the Sofa Quilt. And the cats are super cute. :)

Lynne said...

I hope you weren't too disappointed that you didn't get all five finished! You did so well!