Saturday, June 1, 2013

After the Storms

It's been a stormy couple of weeks here in Oklahoma, with the Oklahoma City area getting hit the hardest.  My thoughts and prayers are with those families who lost loved ones and with those who are recovering from injuries.  I have family that lives north of OKC, all of them are fine thankfully.  

Our part of the state has seen storms as well the last two weeks, though not as severe as what the central part of the state has seen.  Last night I was pretty much glued to the TV coverage.  We had one tornadic storm pass about 20 miles to the north and about an hour later a second pass 20 miles to to the south.  But our community's tornado sirens never went off.  Other than some really heavy rains which flooded the roads for awhile, we suffered no other effects of the storms.  

Thursday night's storms left damage in Tulsa, we got heavy rain from those early in the afternoon.  But as the sun was going down, I captured these images from the retreating storm.  

The rain has been really good for the roses this year.  While out admiring these beauties, the sun came out and provided me with another reminder that nature can be both terrifying and beautiful.  


According to the weather forecast we will have a few days of respite from the unstable air that fosters these storms.  So I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of household chores and some serious stitching.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  


thea said...

Nice pictures. I'm sure you're glad to be getting a break from the weather.

Keep Stitchin' said...

very pretty. glad you're okay, I have been thinking of you because I have been hearing you've been getting many storms in OK. Got your message earlier, will respond later. Take care!

Shay said...

You haven't been far from my thoughts the last couple of weeks because your weather has been making the news here fairly regularly.

Im glad you guys are OK.

Unknown said...

Stay safe, the size of your storms are frightening, thankfully we don't experience anything like this.

Barbara said...

I have wondered how close you are to the storms. Scary stuff. Stay safe, Kate.

libbyquilter said...

what an outstanding rose photo Kate~!!