Friday, May 17, 2013

Finishing Projects - Mid Month Update

Hard to believe we are already half way through May.  Lot's going on this month, especially with Drama Teen graduating from 8th grade this year.  Even with all the extra stuff going on, good progress has been made on this month's sewing goals.  

Goal number 1 was to finish getting the binding on the Evening Star quilt.  That's done.

Evening Star
Pattern from Calico Carriage
Designed by Debbie Maddy

That's my first finish of 2013.  If I get the rest of this month's goals done, I'll end the month with five finishes.  

Goal number 2 is to make the binding and get it sewn onto The Sofa Quilt.  The binding is made, attached to the front, and I'm working on hand stitching it to the back.  

The Sofa Quilt
Pattern is Nicole's Sofa Quilt by Judy Laquidara
(available here)

I'm just about to turn the corner on the first side.  This will be finish number 2, hopefully sometime this weekend.

Goal number 5 was to finish the Calico Cats quilt.  Since the beginning of the month all the blocks have been made, the blocks have been sewn together, and the borders added to make it a finished flimsy.  

Calico Cats
Pattern is Fat Cats from the

The Quilter Magazine (July 2006)
by Lucy A. Fazely and Micheal L. Burns

It was sent out for quilting, which is finished now.  It should be back here next week all ready for binding.  

I'm feeling really good about what's been done so far.  Goals 3 and 4 were to make and sew the binding on the OSU Quilt and Sweet Treats.  No progress on those two goals as yet, but I'm sure it will happen this next week.  

Hope your sewing plans for the month have been going well.  I'm ready to get these 5 quilts done.  It's been a bit of a forced march with these as they are gifts that need to be done this month.  It's definitely made me manage my time more effectively, but I'm ready for a few months being able to sew without deadlines.  Too bad, I really should start looking at what I want to get done for Christmas gifts.  


Kate said...

Take June off, and start Christmas in July. ;) You're doing a fantastic job of getting things done, even if it is a forced march to the finish line.

Lynne said...

I think you're doing really well. I may get my knitted baby blanket done before we go away next weekend and I hope to finish my project bag in class on Monday but I'm not sure that anything else on my May list is gonna make it -- we have been painting at the Renovation Project all day and my arm and shoulder are way too sore to think about any form of crafting!

PS Please don't mention Christmas already! LOL

Shay said...

My goodness Kate - you've been a lean, mean quilt making machine! Cant wait to see all those finishes . What an amazing effort!

I have some of the exact same fabric you're using for binding on the sofa quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

You have really outdone yourself this month with your quilty accomplishments!

AnnieO said...

Oh! Wonderful to be getting quilts all finished! Good for you :) Seems my quilts get bogged down at the quilting're doing an end run around that quite neatly!