Tuesday, May 14, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - Do you have Multipotentiality?

It's really spring.  How can I tell?  I have the sinus headache to prove it.  I don't get these headaches as often as I used to, which is a really good thing, but it would be an absolute great thing to never get another!   But as I have one, distraction is often a key to surviving what is often a multi-day affliction.  So this morning I've been contemplating and researching this month's fostering creativity theme  which is explore other creative interests in hopes of forgetting I even have a headache.  It's sorta working.  

The value of exploring other creative interests is to keep your mind stimulated and allow you to approach quilting from a different perspective.  As I pointed out last week, many quilting bloggers  have multiple interests that creep into their blog posting.  Even writing a blog is a creative endeavor.  So exploring other creative interests doesn't really seem to be lacking in the crew I follow.  Maybe the biggest challenge for many of us is finding a way to balance all those creative interests.  I certainly struggle with that. There weren't any complete answers in the Google searches I did, but there were some interesting concepts about balance.  

I also learned a new term "multipotentiality".  According to Wikipedia, multipotentiality refers to "an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas".  Check out the link, it's an interesting definition.  

So how well did you do this week with staying on task with your quilting, knitting or whatever your craft de jour was last week.  I did pretty well with 6 out of 7 days with at least 15 minutes in the sewing room.  

Link up and share how well you did or didn't do this last week. 

1. Julie in GA
2. Kate @katiemaequilts
3. Lesley A
4. Thea

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Lynne said...

Multipotentiality eh? Wow that sounds good! LOL

You're doing really well (despite the headache). I've had sinusitis for so long now I'm becoming used to having a sore face and ears!

Let's see -- I've avoided putting the binding on a quilt by going away for three days! I have knitted quite a bit and finished my hand-piecing. I've found another project to take its place -- we go away for nineteen days on May 25 and I absolutely must have another project ready to go by then! LOL

lesleyworth said...

Sorry to hear about the sinus headache!

Hmmm...the multipotentiality thing almost reads (initially) like the old adage "Jack of all trades...master of none" until you get into the idea that it can cause depression, anxiety, etc. Not sure if I am sold on the idea, but definitely interesting reading!

Shay said...

I was Mrs Multipotentiality last week but sadly didn't get anything actually completed .

Knitting , hand sewing, machine sewing and hand quilting all featured on my agenda.

Barbara said...

Multipotentiality fits. I'm always glad when I can find a label and put it on right away.