Monday, May 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday - May 13th

I was thinking this morning how the tempo and rhythm of life in this house has changed as Drama Teen has grown.  From making sure that she had clean outfits in her diaper bag for daycare to making sure that she has clean spandex and jerseys for a weekend volleyball tournament.  From chasing her around the house when she wanted to play, to driving all over town for 8th grade pictures.  From taking her to the park to play on the slide to dropping her off at the movies for a "date".  In a few years she'll leave for college and the rhythm will shift as dramatically as the day she come home from the hospital.  I'm both looking forward to and dreading that day.  But that is a few years away, so for now I'll just enjoy the ride.  

One reason for all the reflective thinking is the time I've been spending in my sewing room working on 5 quilts that need to be finished before the end of the month.  The last of those five , Calico Cats, became a finished flimsy on Saturday.  

Calico Cats
Pattern is Fat Cats from the

The Quilter Magazine (July 2006)
by Lucy A. Fazely and Micheal L. Burns

The backing was pieced yesterday.  Hopefully this will be on it's way to Trudy for quilting before the end of the day.  The colors are actually brighter than what the picture shows.  I like how it turned out.  I just hope the family friend enjoys it.  This quilt has been on my bucket list since I saw the pattern in the magazine.  It feels good to get one more project off the PIGS list and the fabric out of the stash.  Now that this one is going out for quilting, I'll be spending the next week binding the previous four quilted projects.  There should be lots of finishing in May.  

That's my design wall this week.  Check out Patchwork Times to view more works in progress.  


Stella Nemeth said...

Remember what it was like when you took her to kindergarten the first day of school, and then you came back home alone and the house was so quiet?

That is pretty much what it is like when you take them to the dorm room, set up the room with them, and then go home without them that first semester. Basically, you won't be doing it again, so enjoy it and take a minute to recognize what you are feeling when it happens.

My baby is 47. And just when did that happen?

Quilter Kathy said...

Yes...all those changes with the kids change every day in very dramatic ways!
Love how the cat quilt turned out!
Too bad you live so far away...we could have a quilt binding party and be done with those bindings jiffy quick!

Keep Stitchin' said...

I know what you mean, and what freaks me out even more now is that my oldest grandson will be in kindergarten come fall! I'm only 49, when did this all take place????
Looking forward to working on another one of your quilts; as always you do the nicest work!

thea said...

Love the calico cats. I think I need to get that pattern, for one of my "some day" quilts.

Life does change quickly -- it seems you're in the middle of something and it will always be that way, and then it changes. Then there is the new normal. You are so right about enjoying the ride. One great thing about blogging is the keeping of the history as it goes along.

Shay said...

Calico Cats looks terrific Kate. I cant wait to see all 5 of these quilts lined up finished. What an amazing effort!

Lynne said...

Lovely! Life changes very dramatically when they leave home so you are right to just enjoy it while you can!


Barb in Mi said...

Congrats on your cat quilt finish! Enjoy the ride with your family growing up...

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am reminiscing about the same things concerning my niece. I can't believe how quickly time flies! Although, I have put my foot down and have denied her any affiliation with boys until she is 42! LOL

Barbara said...

Your kitties are fantastic, and the roses on your header are gorgeous!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

My DD just graduated from college and DS has one more year of high school so I've been having these type of thoughts myself lately. Time just goes by so fast! Love your cats!!