Friday, January 25, 2013

Forgetful, Fraught Friday and Kats with Kate

I knew I was forgetting something this morning.  It nagged at me most of the day.  But it never clearly came into focus as I had meetings all day.  Then just before the last meeting of the day I get the following text from Drama Teen who was in Tulsa for a Math Counts competition.

        "Can u schedule a doctors appointment i have a fever and my
          throats sore and i feel really achy"

Oh no!  She hadn't looked good that morning, but didn't want to miss the competition.  She thought it was just the usual sinus crude that she gets sometimes.  Thankfully My Guy had taken the day off and I caught him at home just before he left for a bike ride.  I had him on my Blackberry and school on my personal cell phone trying to figure out where she was.  Turns out she's on her way back from Tulsa and was still 30 minutes from home.  My Guy wants to me to call the doctor and deal with this, but I was already late for a customer meeting, so I dumped it in his lap.  He got her into the doctor.  The doctor confirmed type A influenza.  My Guy was able to locate a pharmacy that had Tamiflu.  Poor DT is currently sacked out on the couch sleeping peacefully at the moment.  We tried to get her a flu vaccine earlier this year, but I couldn't find any place that had any  left.  Hopefully the Tamiflu will blunt the symptoms enough that she'll be much better tomorrow.   

So what was it I forgot?  To link up with Katie Mae Quilts and Kats with Kate projects.  She's making Cat Tails and I'm making Calico Cats.  She's finished block 3 and started on block 4.  I've finished block 1 and started on block 2. 

Calico Cats
Pattern is Fat Cats from the

The Quilter Magazine (July 2006)
by Lucy A. Fazely and Micheal L. Burns

Reasonable progress had been made on block two, till I realized I'd assembled the ears backwards.  So on the agenda tonight is a bit of unsewing.  I don't usually have this much problem making blocks, but this pattern is tricky in that the cats don't all face the same direction.  Hopefully, I'll get better as I go along or else the next 17 blocks are going to be really painful.  


Marg said...

I do hope you get the hang of these blocks, because they are cute and I don't want to see you stressing over another17 blocks. Good luck.
Hope DT feels better very quickly.

Marg said...
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thea said...

hope DT is feeling better and keeps the flu to herself. Love your cat.

Barbara said...

This is so cute, Kate! Hope DT feels better.

Lynne said...

Very cute! I hope DT is feeling much better soon!

Kate said...

I hope DT feels better! I've had trouble making sure my blocks go the right way, too. Have to pay attention, even four blocks in.

scraphappy said...

What a bummer, glad you caught it early though, they say it has been an unusually bad season so far, but it is already starting to die down. Hope she is back up and about soon. Hope the mathcounts went well.