Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - January Wrap Up

January 2013 is just about over.  As part of the 15 Minute Challenge this year, I'm looking for ways to not only find the time to sew, but  make that 15 minutes more creative.  The topic this month has been "Scheduling".  Here's a summary of what's been covered in the previous posts:
  • Set a scheduled time to sew each day.
  • If that doesn't work try mapping out your time each week or month and deliberately schedule in your creative time.  
  • Be prepared.  Look ahead and prep projects for those times when creative time is going to be at a premium.
  • Use "found" time, or that time you thought was going to be devoted to something else - being prepared helps here.
  • Focus on making progress, not meeting goals when you are pressed for time.  However if you do the "be prepared" part right you can make progress on your goals.  

A few other stray thoughts on scheduling creative time:
  • Ask for sewing/creative time as a gift - This should be a great one if your guy never knows what to get you.  Or if the kids want do something special for you but don't yet have the means.
  • Use "down time" such as doctor office waits and the mom's ever present "wait for whatever practice" to end.  I think most of us have our "mobile" projects for just such times.
  • Balance the "have to stuff" in your schedule with the "want to stuff". Spend 15 minutes on the mess that is the kid's toys and 15 minutes in your sewing room.  Or when you've got the laundry folded, take a 15 minute break in your sewing room before heading on to the next chore. 

I promised a give away for those who linked up in the month of January with a post that included a "diary" of your weekly sewing time for the previous 7 days and mentions the 15 Minute Challenge.  

Adis Erla's book "My Runners Keep Going" and
a layer cake of Connecting Threads Batiks
This is your last chance to link up for the give away.  I'll announce a winner next Tuesday along with the fostering creativity topic for February.   

So how have I been doing on scheduling my 15 minutes of sewing time?  It's been a very busy month at our house with multiple volleyball tournaments, business trips and unfortunately one sick teenager.  Looking back at the month, I've managed to find at least 15 minutes to sew 23 out of the last 29 days, that is a 79% success rate. Not bad at all (unless you are getting a grade, then it just a high C).  Here's how the last week went.  

To manage 5 out of 7 days with a 3 day business trip and a sick teenager falling in this week alone is not a bad week.  February looks to be as busy as well, so I'll get lots of practice scheduling my creative time.  

How did you do this week in finding 15 minutes to sew/knit/create?  

1. Amanda, Seabreeze Quilts
2. Julie in GA
3. Thea
4. Kate
5. Lesley A
6. Gloria

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thea said...

you're being such a good example .. I don't think I'll make a passing grade this month. At least there's lots of room for improvement. I think my planning is my downfall - or rather my lack of planning.

Lynne said...

Well done - you are setting a fine example!

seabreezequilts said...

Great work with DT down for the count as well. Kids went back to school today, hubby has one more day home.. not that I am counting or anything lol. He had us running around doing stuff today I will be glad when I can have a day to myself finally.

Kate said...

79% is great, especially since you had a lot going on in January. Plus the unexpected sick teenager.

Chris said...

It is really hard to believe the month is almost over. It has been a pretty challenging month so I am ready for Feb

Marti said...

I like your list. I used to take my paper piecing box with me when I knew I was going to be in a waiting room, but there was always just a rush to get it all back in the box when they called my name that I quit doing that. Now I just take it when I'm going to be waiting on mil and have time to put it up when she's done. I actually miss those days of waiting for dd. I got some great sewing in then.

lesleyworth said...

way to go! glad to hear DT is feeling better!

Denise :) said...

Believe it or not, even with the 'yuckies', I've done a little stitching, here and there. Nothing big and not really productive, but doing it, anyway! I'm so sorry DT was ill ... and hope she's feeling brighter and better *very* soon!! :)

Hooked on Quilting said...

I had a very easy week with not much going on so I was able to get much more than 15 minutes in each day. Thanks for hosting this.

libbyquilter said...

i've been doing well with my regular sewing time each day and my studio is looking a lot more organized. still have some work to do but it will get there.

it's good to be back visiting your blog~!