Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge - January Progress

My 2012 UFO list contains only 4 quilts.  That's all that's left after 3 years of very focused effort on UFO completions. Most of what is left on the list is going to take a fair amount of effort.  I joined Patchwork Times' 2012 UFO Challenge with the sure knowledge that it would take me longer than 1 month to finish each quilt.  My goal was to make significant progress on each project and hopefully finish each by the end of the year, or at least get close. 

For January Judy picked quilt #5, which is the Scrappy Stars project started back in 2003.  I started January with this.

And ended January with this:

I ended up changing out some of the background fabrics for simple tone on tones because the backgrounds with the red prints on them tended to muddy the design when viewed in EQ.  Three new prints  for the stars were also added.  Even though it doesn't look like a lot of progress, I'm pretty happy with how it went.  But for now, this project will go back in the box and I'll move on to February's project. 

Today Judy drew #1, which is the Purple and Yellow scrap quilt.

It needs borders and backing before it can be sent out for quilting.  This one might get finished enough to be quilted by the end of the month, but I don't think it will get completed.  We'll see.   

Since I don't have a completed UFO I'm not linking up with Judy's progress reports. But you can click here if you want to see what did get crossed off UFO lists this month. 


Marg said...

I love the way the lights and dark purples shimmer across the quilt. I hope you do get it finished soon, I'd love to see it finished.

Bonnie said...

Progress is progress! I like your attitude......Move On.

Your quilts are beautiful.

Shay said...

The purple and yellow quilt is one of my favourites.

I cant believe you only have 4 UFO's! Well done.

Denise :) said...

I asked Judy about finish vs. progress and she told me she was changing the wording on that next month -- that *progress* was the important thing and that's what she wanted to see! You did make great progress! :)