Tuesday, February 14, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - February 14th

Happy Valentines Day!  My sweetie is up North in Wyoming, so our celebration is slated for later this week.  Drama Teen and I have plans for a special Valentines Edition of Girls Night Out once swim practice is over tonight. 

To be honest, I've been dreading today a bit.  My sewing mojo was pretty nonexistent last week.  Even the threat of having to fess up to my slothfulness wasn't enough to motivate me to enter the sewing room, even for just 15 minutes.  So my report looks pretty pathetic.

No sewing related activity until Saturday, when I finally decided to clean up and reorganize my sewing room.   Sunday and Monday I did do some work on the McCall's Mystery Quilt, but overall a pretty wasted week on the sewing front.  Hopefully I can get back on track this week and make some progress on both the February UFO and The Fat Quarter Stars block that's supposed to be done today. 

On to the more interesting stuff, the winner of last week's give away for the charm packs and the Back to Charm School book is

#7 - Kate of Katie Mae Quilts

Congratulations Kate!  Kate is a regular participant in the 15 Minute Challenge.  You should check out Kate's Felt Food Friday posts.  She's been creating a whole feast for her little "Dude". 

How do you get into the mood to sew?  Do you ever have days, weeks, months, where the idea of getting into your sewing room doesn't appeal?  I know sometimes we all need a break and maybe that's what last week was.  The Life in Pieces crew does lead a pretty activity intensive lifestyle around here, so often my time in the sewing room is right at bed time and I'm already tired. 

So while I look for my motivation, I'd like to encourage yours.  It's one more week closer to March 6th, the 66 day mark.  Which is the time, on average,  that most people need to make a new activity a habit.  This week the give away is 4 fat quarters and a pattern from Patterns by Annie called "Necessories". 

A little wallet with the blue print and the orange dots would be so cute. 

So link up with how you did on finding 15 minutes to sew last week.  Remember your post needs the words "15 Minutes Challenge" somewhere in the title or text and a list of some type that notes what you did on the sewing/craft front during the previous 7 days. 

1. Liz
2. Pat
3. PJ off Avondale Rd.
4. Amanda
5. libbyQ
6. Thea
7. Hueisei
8. Nana N
9. Kate
10. Hueisei

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Pat said...

You may not have sewn each day but I'll bet you enjoyed it when you did. Happy Valentine's Day.

Barbara said...

Sounds like you needed some down time. If you want to sew, you will.

Kate said...

Yay, go me! :) I would take down time if you need it. No point in sewing if you're stressed about it and will end up ripping out a whole row of stitches. (Which I'm doing today...)

Denise :) said...

I hope you and DT have fun tonight! So it's still early in the year ... everyone is entitled to an off week once in a while, right? I have gone for long periods of time without sewing, but it's gotten a lot better. Now sometimes I go days, but rarely beyond that! Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

PJ said...

I felt that way last week too! But we'll do better this week.

seabreezequilts said...

I think we all get weeks when the mojo is just gone and we need to have a break. I did this at Christmas time.. that's why I took up cross stitch because I just needed to do something different. I know it's still sewing but it was something I had never done before and something that didn't require any more of me than to just stitch and not write a pattern or make sure that people would like it and might buy it.

libbyquilter said...

congrats to Katie May Quilts~!!~

i think your report card looks very pretty but not at all pathetic. you did get some days in there so it was not a total wash out. next week will be another chance to do better.


thea said...

I find that sometimes the week gets away from me before I realize it. My motivation? other than your challenge? I usually work well under a deadline, and not a self imposed one. I find lately, that any little thing will distract me from sewing...

Shay said...

I'm mojo-less at the moment. Not one stitch has been sewn this week. I'm blaming going back to work for this lack of inspiration around here.

I really have to feel the love before I can sew and at the moment it's just not happening.It'll come back - it always does. Meantime I'm "collecting" ideas.

Lets hope we both have better weeks this week Kate.

hueisei said...

Congrats to Kate. Your report card looks lovely, I think I should make one too...
I don't know when I want to sew, whenever I got free time, I will go to my sewing corner and work on something..time is precious for me since I'm working in the morning and take care my baby at night.

Nana B said...

I have gone months between sewing at times. Life gets in the way. Our hobby is no fun when it becomes an obligation. This challenge has helped me make up with my sewing machine!

hueisei said...

I found out my url link in 7 is wrong, I uploaded a correct one on 10. And I don't know how to remove the no 7 link. I got so messy here. Please help. I'm so sorry again for this week confuse linky.

Quilter Kathy said...

I definitely understand the "too tired at the end of the day" syndrome...when there is finally a break in the activity, there is no energy left. :(

Quiltsmiles said...

Kate, I am enjoying your blog. I love the way you show your lists. How do you do that?????
Fly lady rocks as far as I'm concerned and with the 15 minute mantra, it has so helped in my house getting back together. Esp. after depression due to pain, fly lady's examles were necessary to pull me up out of a dark hole I existed in for several years because of my injury. But I haven't appllied that to quilting, perhaps I should, thanks for the inspiration there. Jane