Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stash Report - February 5th

Thank goodness it's Sunday!  It truly will be a day of rest around the Life in Pieces abode.  Well, I'll need to get a few loads of laundry done, but other than that, not too much will be going on.  District Science fair was this weekend.  Drama Teen had a project entered yesterday.  I judged Friday and My Guy judged Saturday.  Then for My Guy and I, it was on to the annual school auction last night.  So yesterday was pretty packed.  Not much sewing going on, but I did make a break for it yesterday morning and ended up in Tulsa with a couple of hours to pet fabric.  Lots of pretty stuff out there, but I only bought what I needed to put borders on the purple and yellow quilt. 

Not sure exactly how I'm going to use the yellow yet, in the border or just as binding.  I'm going to need to play a bit. 

How does the stash report look?

Used last week:  0.65 yards
Added last week:  8 yards

Used for 2012:  3.67 yards
Added for 2012:  30.5 yards

Net stashed for 2012:  26.83 yards

My stashed numbers aren't outrageous, but higher than they were last year at this time. This year's objective in stash management is all on using fabric, not banning fabric purchases, especially those that are needed to finish projects.  Though I do need to do a better job on the fabric usage end of things. 

That's it for my report this week.  We're not a football following family, but if yours is, enjoy the Super Bowl festivities. 

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Charlene S said...

I'm planning on sewing between commercials! I love those 3 choices.

Teresa in Music City said...

That dark purple is just yummy!!!!!

Kathie said...

LOVE that middle purple fabric.

Barbara said...

Those are gorgeous fabrics.

Donna said...

I love, love, love that dark purple fabric!

Shay said...

But you have plans for what you bought today so that doesn't really count because it's going to be used.

And Im confident you'll bust some more stash well before the end of the year !

Denise :) said...

Purple and yellow together are one of my favorite combinations. Yay! :)

AnnieO said...

Ooh, great choices! Glad petting fabric was part of your busy weekend :)

Lynne said...

Forget "take time to smell the flowers", taking time to pet (and buy) some fabric sounds like much more fun! Hope you got some time to use some of it in Sunday.

Amy said...

In the past several months, I've been making trips that take my through Tulsa. I absolutely love the Quilt Sampler shop. I could spend hours in their shop.

kwiltnkats said...

Sounds like you did resist! Way to go... Okay to purchase something that's needed to claim something in that illusive USED category. Sounds like your entire household did have a busy week.