Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - September 9th

It's been a long week, even though I only worked 3 days of it.  Why are those short weeks are so much worse then a regular work week?  So TGIF (squared).  

It's time for Favorite Things Friday.  Upon reflection, I concluded that my last few FTF posts have been rather materialistic. I do like my pretty things, but there are some other favorites that you can't buy.  In no particular order, things such as: 

  • A freely offered hug from Kiddo just because Mom had a bad day.
  • Having lunch with just My Guy. 
  • Being able to watch the sun come up from my office window.
  • A fresh, hot cup of coffee brewed and delivered to my sewing room by My Guy just because I asked. 
  • Having dinner out on the patio. 
  • Stopping for cherry cokes because Kiddo has had a rough day and seeing her smile come back as we sip and talk.  
It's a simple list, but any one of the above can make my day.   

Have a wonderful weekend.  To check out more favorites, check out Quilting in My Pyjamas


thea said...

Great favorites ...

Mindy said...

It's always the little thing that mean the most. I love this list.

Helsie said...

Your is a bit of a "count your blessings" sort of favourite isn't it. It's good to sit back now and then and realise it's the simple things that matter.

Petra said...

I like simple lists. Those are my faves. :-)

Kirsten said...

Isn´t it graet how simple things can make us so hubby come back from shopping with a bunch of red roses..just for the fun of it...I am thrilled.

Paulette said...

Great FTF post, and so true. It really is the simple things like that that can give so much joy. Hope you have a great weekend, filled with many favorite moments like this.

Shay said...

I love Cherry Coke. That would put a smile on my face too. I love eating outside too.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the very best aren't they? We all need to remember to take it easy and enjoy those moments more.

I loved your list Kate.

seabreezequilts said...

Great FTF the little simple things are what makes life grand.

Lynne said...

It's good to stop and count our blessings occasionally!