Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - September 13th

I'm not sure where the last week went.  But it is Tuesday.  Time to look back over the last week and contemplate how many times I climbed the stairs to spend some time in the sewing room.  Before I do that, there is a another item that needs to be addressed, the winners of the blogiversary give away.  I pulled up the good old random number generator and the lucky two are:

Melinda of Melinda Quilts ETC

Congratulations to both of the winners.  Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and fun comments on blogging. 

Moving on to this week's 15 Minute Challenge report. 

I was thinking that this week was pretty bad in terms of sticking with the challenge, but 4 out of 7 days isn't too bad.  I didn't do a lot of sewing this week, but I did spend quite a bit of time working on organizing my fabric stash.  I've had fabric stuck in totes all over the place.  It's hard to see what you have when you it's stored that way.  I got a shelving unit for the closet and have been able to get rid of the totes.  I'm now working on folding all the fabric consistently so it fits better on the shelving.  It is a lot easier to see what I have, plus I won't make as big a mess when I'm looking for things.   The organizing is a work in progress at the moment, it's going to take me a bit to get it all sorted out, but it will be worth it once it's done. 

So how did you do on spending time in a crafty manner this week?  If you feel like sharing, here's Mr. Linky.


  1. Congratulations on fabric stash organising! I'm sure it will allow more time for sewing when you can actually find what you are looking for. I will put that on my to-do-list too!

  2. Congratulations Winners! ☺

    Can't wait to see your Flurry back and organized stash, Kate. I'm searching my mind, and I can't think of one crafty thing I've done this past week. Yikes! I'm going to have to amend that ASAP!

    Happy Tuesday! ☺

  3. Fabric organizing counts! It's much easier to work with what you have when you know what you have.

  4. Anything to do with fabric counts! I sure wish mine was organized. Then I wouldn't spend so much time trying to find something I need.

    My funky owl went together okay - just wish he didn't look so ??? I don't know - LOL.

  5. I always feel better about my stash when it is organised sadly it doesn't happen very often. I think I just need more room or stop buying it (but I know that's not going to happen). Fabric fondling definitely counts.

  6. I think stash organisation definitely counts as sewing progress and 4 from 7 is still a great effort.

    I love your Flurry back...it's fabulous.

  7. Don't you just love caressing all that fabric?!

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  9. Agreed on the organization being part of being crafty .. I need to follow suit.

  10. Congrats to your winners! 8-)

    I think you did well with your 4 out of 7 days! Don't be too hard on yourself!

    Thanks for visiting me...

  11. I'm so behind on my blog reading these days! I think 4 days is pretty good, it's better than I did! I had a few things come up last minute, but I'm looking forward to getting down to some serious work again soon!

  12. Congratulations to the winners!


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