Saturday, September 24, 2011

Foto Finish - Autumn

I'm kicked back in the recliner this morning, a quilt over my legs (yeah, it's cool enough to need one) and a cup of coffee within reach.  Kiddo has a swim thing this morning, but not until 10:00.  So Mom has a chance to catch her breath this morning before getting in gear for the day. 

Autumn is the theme for this week's Foto Finish.  The temps have definitely fallen here over the last couple of weeks, so it feels like fall.  But the leaves don't usually start changing until the first or second week in October.  It was so dry this summer, it's not likely we'll have a beautiful fall this year.  Last year we spent fall break in Missouri at my in-laws.  It was beautiful there, the trees were spectacular.  So spectacular that sometimes you feel disappointed when you look at your photos because you can't quite capture the grandeur of it all.  But this shot came close. 

I love the all the golden yellow with just the hint of the blue sky in the background.  One of my favorite things about fall is the bright blue skies we often get.  Not at all like the washed out pale blue skies the color of old washed denim we get in the summer. 

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Larri said...

We're still fairly green around here. Love those golden hues. Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday! ☺

Barbara said...

Beautiful image, Kate. I like the blue sky peaking through contrasting with the leaves.

Shay said...

I love seeing the leaves change for autumn. I don't know if it's just my perception but where I live we don't seem to get the massive deep colours of your fall (maybe after our hot hot summers the leaves just wither up and go a yukky brown )

Beautiful picture Kate. We are doing the polar opposite here at the moment- everything is bursting to life.

Marti said...

Just beautiful! I've been to Missouri in the fall and it was beautiful, but I think your picture might be better than I remember it.

quiltzyx said...

Gorgeous colors! I've been looking at the trees here all last week & if I used them for an autumn shot, you'd only see brown leaves!