Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Year of the Pigs - March 9th

Jill over at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor is hosting the Year of the PIGS support group.  Where we seek and share our thoughts on the process of acquiring, storing and maybe eventually completing our PIGS and UFOs.  This week's questions:

Do I have a separate room all to yourself?

Am I messy or Princess of Tidy?

Are there things that I find a hindrance to my sewing mojo?

I'm very lucky that I do have a sewing space that is all my own.  It's the spare bedroom at the very end of the hall.  I can close the door and shut out most everything else (except for Kiddo's "Mom call"). 

This is pretty much how the room looks most of the time, except I did vacuum it for this picture.  The bookcase in the corner has all my quilting books.  Yardage being used for current projects is folded up and stowed on top of the clear tote under the cutting table (on the left of the picture).  Cut pieces and finished blocks that are in progress but not the center of attention are stored on top of the chest you can just barely see at the right of the picture. 

I usually have several sets of blocks for the different projects up on both design walls, but I was finishing up a large project when this picture was taken so everything was stowed away.  You can just see the top of one of my rulers back behind the totes.  That's where they are stored when not in use.  The white door leads to the closet where my stash is stashed. 

I got in the habit of being organized when I shared my sewing space with My Guy when we lived in TX.  If I didn't put things away when I was done, he'd move them so he had room to do his thing and I'd spend a lot of time having to find all my stuff when I next wanted to sew.  That used to be a big hindrance to my sewing mojo.  Now my biggest challenge is just getting myself into my sewing room to sew.  I've started challenging myself to spend 15 minutes every day in my sewing room, which seems to be helping me keep my motivation up. 

That's it for me this week.  Check out how the other PIGS live over at Jill's


Chris said...

So nice and tidy!! I dare not post a photo of my sewing room at this point. I think the Hoarders show would be alerted. LOL

Shay said...

No! Really? Your room is always that tidy? The only time I post pictures of mine is when I had a massive clean up. For me obviously creativity is a messy business.

Love your design walls. I keep saying Im going to make myself one but havent yet....

Regina said...

Excuse my green with envyness.... wow! Lovely space - bright and clean!!! Can I come and play??!?

Tracy said...

Very organized!
I can sympathize about getting into the sewing room. I need more than 15 minutes though, just to get started!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm jealous, too!! You have a great space! And very organized. I hope that my new space will keep me organized like that. :)

Deanna said...

Tidy and spacious. Ahhhh.....lovely! I would have a hard time staying out of it, I think. Good luck carving out some more sewing time.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of this end of the room, too. I don't know how I missed this post before. Your last line was funny.