Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Year of the PIGS - Encouraging Creativity

Jill over at The Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor is hosting the Year of the PIGS.  Which is a support group for those of us with more fabric, kits, UFOs, and Projects in Grocery Sacks (PIGS) then we know what to do with.  This week's question is:

"Is there anything you can do or change in your sewing room to encourage your creativity?" 

Actually, I made a change to my sewing room about two weeks ago with that thought in mind.  I didn't think to take before pictures, but here's the after picture.

What did I change?  I switched the location of the bookcase and the secretary desk.  Why?  Mainly because the little nook that ends with the window seat is a bit cramped.  It was just hard to get into that corner and work at the desk.  Secondly, I couldn't see the TV from the desk, due to my fabric bins (I'm working to make those go away, but I'd rather sew than iron and fold fabric).  Thirdly, it moves the desk to a location just behind my sewing machine, making it easier to check layouts (and blogs and email) on the computer while I'm sewing.  I like this layout a lot better.  The other half of the room has the sewing machine, cutting table and both design walls.  (A picture of that half is posted here.) 

To be honest,  the biggest challenge to my creativity isn't the organization of my sewing room, it's getting myself into it to actually work on something! 

Check out today's Year of the Pig post over at Jill's to see other thoughts on jump starting your quilty creativity. 


  1. I decided to keep my bins hidden in the closet and take one out at a time as I work on them. Maybe I should just have them out in the open as a reminder....

  2. Great ideas! Looks like you'll be getting a lot done this year (once extracirricular activities settle down!).

  3. I've been thinking about this very thing recently.How I can make my space more efficient and less cluttered. Im going to have to give it some more thought. Maybe working on one thing at a time would be a good start!

  4. Just moving things around can really help. Way to use what you have.

  5. Seems like that will be a nice change for you. I think that getting myself to sew is a big problem for me, too! lol

  6. I love that window nook and reading in that corner would be so great. That's the cutest little secretary desk, too. You'll have to tell us how much the new arrangement helps.


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