Friday, March 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Spring Break

Is it really Friday, already?  I always loose track of the day of the week if I'm not working.  It's Spring Break time in Oklahoma.  So why is Spring Break one of my favorite things?

First, both My Guy and I were able to take the week off work.  That's not always a given.  Second we all agreed that we needed an adventure for Spring Break, not a "fix up home week" or a "let's visit family time", but a "get away from it all trip".  (I don't miss the messy house and piles of laundry one bit!)

We ended up in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It's someplace none of us have ever been before.  We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast (favorite thing number 3). 

This B&B sits on a lake, allowing us to enjoy spectacular sunrises (favorite thing number 4).

We checked out historic downtown.  Some of the bathhouses originate from the 1800's.  We say lots of beautiful tile and stained glass (favorite thing number 5)  Kiddo and I bonded with a bit of shopping while My Guy went off to do some manly hiking and climbing. 


Then we all did the back to nature thing at the local botanical gardens.  And I got to take lots of pictures of all kinds of these. (favorite thing number 6) 

The highlight of the trip has to be the 1st Ever 8th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. (favorite thing number 7).

The most favorite thing of all?  Hanging out with these two all week.

Thanks for letting me share my favorite stuff with you.  Check out Quilting in My Pyjamas for more favorite things. 


Keep Stitchin' said...

Love it! The B&B is beautiful! What a nice thing to be able to do. I miss spring break now that all the kids are gone and on their own.
Hope you enjoyed the week!

Paulette said...

Sounds like such a great time! Pretty B&B and what a nice view.

Sara said...

That sunset photo is really, really, properly gorgeous. I'd love to see that before bed of an evening.

Unknown said...

I want to go to that place! Great photos of your trip and from the looks of the two of you you had a great time too.
FTF favourite.

thea said...

Looks like you had a wonderful spring break! Great FTF.

Shay said...

Way to pack in multiple FTF's Kate.

It seems like you had a fantastic mini break. I love stained glass and that one is outstanding. I dream of tiles like that on my front verandah but it will never happen.

The B and B looks fantastic, especially that view.

And lastly finally we get to see Mr. Kate and oh my doesnt kiddo look grown up in that photo?

Im thrilled you had such a great time away and thanks for sharing it with us !

Marg said...

What a fabulous break and packed with favourites, it sounds perfect. I love the sunset photo, such a beautiful view from the B and B.

AnnieO said...

Great fun! I have certainly seen WAY more sunsets than sunrises :)

Mrs A said...

a break from the everyday is fabulous, looks like you all had a great time!