Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19th Stash Report

This week at least my numbers go in the right direction.  I made good progress on making the hourglass blocks needed to finish a 2008 BOM project.  I already know it won't be positive next week.  I ordered some sale fabric from Hancock's as a reward to myself for making my exercise goals over the last month.  I've been trying to adopt a healthier, sustainable, lifestyle.  Guess I'll have to find another reward system, since I seem to be celebrating one goal by ignoring another.  But if I can't use food and I can't use fabric as rewards, what else is there?  Oh well, here are the numbers for this week:

Used this Week: 2.89 y
Used Year to Date:  31.88 y
Added Year to Date:  299.6 y
Net used for 2010:  -267.75 y

Wander over to Judy's Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing on their stash busting efforts.


Kathie said...

I don't think a fabric reward is a bad idea, but guess that is why my stash is to big

SpinningStar said...

I agree that a fabric reward is an excellent substitution for a food reward, escpecially since we are dealing with exercise.

It will be tough for me this week, since I am heading off to Quilter's Pow Wow, held at Western Hills. A weekend of sewing and gabbing. However, the vendors will be there. At least, I am not in the "let's stop at every quilt shop from OKC to the east side of the state" car! Now, they do some stimulus to the economy!


Since you have added so much this year, we really need to see how you stash your stash!

Lori said...

Yes, those two "vices" are my downfall too. I've decided to give myself something else--books. yes, I've got plenty of quilt books, but I spend hours looking at them. And, I read a lot--so indulged myself and bought a Kindle. I have about 200 books on it right now. I spend a lot of time living in my camper during the summer, and a kindle will give me more room! My good neighbor Ric was always laughing at me hauling boxes of books in and out--he can't believe I read that much. No TV, and I love it that way! (DH Ken misses the TV when he visits--I send him to visit Ric!) Now if I could break the habit of eating potato chips in bed while reading......