Friday, September 24, 2010

19/30 Friday

No work today, well, not much work today any way.  We have what the company calls 19/30 days.  You work an extra half hour each day, then you can select one day to take off during the month.  I still need to go into work to wrap up a couple of things, hopefully no more than an hour.  Then run a few errands.  Then come home and sew for the rest of the day, or at least until I have to pick the kiddo up from school. 

I'll looking forward to spending the afternoon in my sewing room.  Hopefully I can make some significant head way on the 2008 BOM.  With no hubby at home and kiddo at school, dare I hope to actually get through a movie without having to pause it because someone is yelling "Mom" or "Honey"?   I'm in desperate need of "fabric therapy".  The new division manager who came on board in July decided to completely reorganize our division, quite a complete shake up.  I move to a new job next Friday, but I still have to finish out key assignments on this job.  Change isn't bad, it's just uncomfortable.  A good day of fabric therapy should get me in shape to deal with the mad house of meetings we'll have next week to get all the job duties transferred throughout the division. 

Happy quilting!

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